The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Kathleen J., Randy C., and Richard F. Haller to Christopher R. Pinkowski, 1303 S. Ninth St., $72,900.

Eric A. Sobkowiak to Mitchell Reiser, 2337 Wood St., $68,500.

Robert Jackson to Michael J. Young, 1010 St. Paul St., $81,000.

Gregory T. and July L. Alvin to Andrew Goehner, 804 King St., $111,250.

Jae Enterprises LLC to James R. Auler and Paula M. Murphy, 2303 Denton St., $45,000.

Elizabeth J. and Steven A. Arnold to Charity L. Kocimski, 1615 Hyde Ave., $124,000.

Benjamin C. and Tara L. Harris to David R. and Donna J. Demask, 3162 33rd St.S., $131,900.

Kenneth P. Peterson to Rebecca L. Chaouke, 919 St. Cloud St.

Kenneth P. Peterson to Rebecca L. Chaouki, 1342 George St.

James J. Heberlein to TNA Property Management LLC, 1008 Sixth St. S., $49,900.

n Lori Frederick, Karen French, Kerry R. Heiden, Judy Merfeld, Geraldine Michaels, Kaye Ronnenberg and Sandra Stall to Michelle G. and Timothy P. Kiesling, 1210 Charles St., $60,000.

Veronica C. Weibel revocable trust to Paul and Suzanne Weibel revocable trust, 1802 Denton St., $70,000.

Paul and Suzanne Weibel to Paul and Suzanne Weibel revocable trust, 104 14th St. S.

Beyer Investments LLC to Michael E. Nuttall, 1904 16th St. S., $112,500.

Ervin, Marvin and Roger Elsen, and Ardella Hundt to Paul A. Gerrard, 127 22nd St. S., $79,200.

Bernard J. Elsen estate to Paul A. Gerrard, 127 22nd St. S., $19,800.

Julie L. Boisvert and Judith K. Collins to Antoinette M. Brague, 2130 Loomis St., $77,000.

Mark P. Piazza to Kerri A. and Roger C. Piazza, 2119  and 2121  14th St. St., $51,250.

Kerri A. and Roger C. Piazza to Spectrum Jewelry LLC, 2119 and 2121 14th St. S.

4th and King St. Condominiums LLC to 411 King Property LLC, 411 King St., $20,000.

Gerald W. and Judith A. Lyman to Michael G. Murak, 3320 Bayside Court, $246,500.

Anthony Jr. and Irene Tasca to Gleaning LLC, 2804 22nd St.S., $80,000.

Charles R. Curtis, Clifford H. Katie and Sherry L. Maas to Richard J. and Sally K. Egan and Patricia A. Snow, 1422 Redfield St., $68,000.

Raintry J. Salk to Kyle D. Sanger, 2157 Hyde Ave., $115,500.

Kenneth A. Botcher estate to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 2916 29th Court S., $105,500.

Stuctured Asset Investment Loan Trust and US Bank to Boon Yang and Lee Xiong, 1308 and 1310 Liberty St., $46,000.

Home Creations By Dan and Tom LLC to Cheryl J. and Thomas J. Hilby and Daniel J. and Julie K. Matuszak, 2148 Cass St., $125,000.

Orletta M. and Thomas P. McCormick to Faith A. Apfel and Faron A. McCormick, 330 and 332 23rd St. S.

Andrea K. Neckar to Nathan D. Brooks, 144, 146, 148 and 150 Seventh St. S. and 629 and 631 King St.

Jeremiah M. and Kelly A. Galvan to Amanda M. Dieltz, 1111 15th St. S., $79,900.

Robert F. Swingen revocable trust to Robert F. and Susan E. Swingen, 4233 Meadowlark Lane,

Robert F. and Susan E. Swingen to Robert F. and Susan E. joint revocable trust, 4233 Meadowlark Lane.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Michael and Nicole Bernard, 2525 Hass St.



Roy F. and Arlone M. Marcus living trust to Anndrea L. and David A. Olson, 1020 Green Bay St., $185,000.

John P. and Kristen A. Hoeft to Jacob A. and Mary J. Crissler-Berlanger, 1144 Aspen Valley Drive, $465,000.

Robert L. and Sue E. Wilson to Brian M. and Tara L. Frerks, 437 R. Stephan Place, $335,000.

Fairway Creek Development Inc. to Linda C. and Robert M. Schwandt, 575 Fairway Creek Drive, $445,000.

Jon H. Bichel and Karon K. Nelson-Bichel to Deepa R. Ovian and Prakasam L. Pradeep, 1018 Aspen Valley Drive, $360,000.

Traditional Trades Inc. to Gale G. and Sally A. Grimslid trust, 1710 Pine Ridge Drive, $212,307.

Roger A. and Charlotte C. Grant joint revocable trust to Donovan L. and Elinor H. Glennie, 1005 Fair Meadow Way, $59,000.

Jaclyn K. and Joseph G. Hickey to Jennifer J. and Matthew J. Schmitt, 2109 W. Craig Lane, $157,900.

Brandon E. and Kristen A. Muehleis to Ashley L. and Jonathan M. Engebretsen, 928 Sixth Ave. N., $176,000.

Joellen and Michael D. Brown to Nikki P. Kraus, 1309 Meadow Lane, $171,000.



HF Eagle Properties LLC to Jeri L. and Paul H. Wittmershaus, $19,900.



Larry A. Bredahl to Angela S. and Douglas M. Zumach, $199,400.

Laurie A. Stuhr to Randy C. Stuhr.

Nancy J. Neitzel to Joseph G. and Nancy J. Neitzel.

Deanne T. Williams to Gregory S. Messling, $172,900.

Dijuan A. and Jamie L. Brazelton to Jill R. Messling, $159,900.

Jennifer J. and Wade R. Brost to Erika L. and Wade E. Olson, $263,000.



Tara L. and Thomas J. Campbell to Jaclyn K. and Joseph G. Hickey, $251,000.

Robert P. Demorest to Jennifer L. Demorest.

Jeffrey K. and Megan M. LeClaire to Michelle L. Hoffman, $196,900.



Chad M. and Martha C. Niegelsen to Bainbridge Properties LLC.

Bainbridge Properties LLC to Chad M. and Martha C, Niegelsen.

Simenson joint revocable trust to Alan M. Simenson, $50,000.

Hazel L. and Robert T. Miller to Robert L. and Hazel L. living trust.



Schnick amended and restated joint revocable trust to Ronald L. Schnick family trust.



Margaret A. Bahr to Margaret A. Bahr revocable trust.

Marian F. and Tracy L. Hanson to Jerry F. Jr. and Joan M. Unser, $1,900.

John P. and Sandra K. Richert to Ashlee R. and Shannon P. Brozak, $285,000.

Mollie K. Miller and David M. Sennes to Christopher Y. and Terra A. Steuerwald, $144,500.

KST LLC to Nicole M. and Ryan E. Hennessy, $52,500.



Peter T. Gerrard to Charles W. and Linda J. Schauberger revocable trust, $65,000.

Michelle K. and Shawn M. Giblin to Shawn M. Giblin.



Brant E. and Kimberly A. Hill to Jennifer R. and Lance D. Kowalsky, $258,000.

Mandy M. Rutta to Andrew J. and Mandy M. Rutta.

Maureen Kratt to Jill M. and Raymond C. Monroe III, $246,000.

Brian A. and Janice K. Strupp to Gerald R. Burke, $160,000.

Gregory S. and Jill R. Messling to Azmina A. and Scott W. Brennan, $247,000.

Ellen A. and Kirk L. Dettmann to Kevin W. Marson and Meghan E. Schoh, $220,000.

Philip J. Lamke to Jay A. Just, $20,000.

Laurie A. Naas to Kevin W. Naas.

Heidi C. Neubauer to Laramie B. McCurg and Heidi C. Neubauer, $106,000.

August Prairie Development Corp to Amanda R. and Bryan S. Werner, $35,000.



Terrance C. Herbst to Michelle N. Herbst.

Dustin A. Ashwood and Angela N. Brown to Amanda M. Henke and Dustin F. Ray, $125,000.



Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to Michelle M. Syverson.

Mary J. and Robert J. Nelson to Gary W. and James M. Hagel.

Gavaghan LLC to Charles T. Wilson Declaration of Trust, $65,000.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development USA to Nicole A. Stetzer.

Gavaghan LLC to Jane A. and Robert P. Fisher, $65,000.

Daniel J. and Kristen M.G. Lerberg to Kristen M.G. Lerberg.

Deanna M. Hoffman to Jason R. Kelley.

Michelle H. and Terence A. Olson to Michelle H. and Terry A. Olson.

Kathie M. Beckmann estate to Shelly J. Koonce.



Linda C. and Robert M. Schwandt to Audrey B. Roof and Joseph D. Uker, $241,900.

Andrew R. and Dayna Bosshard to Joseph W. Zoellner, $237,500

Michelle A. and Ralph H. Gundersen to Anne C. and John T. Seddon III, $175,000.

Paul F. and Suzanne K. Weibel to Paul and Suzanne Weibel revocable trust.

Amy J. and Edwin M. Overholt to Edwin M. and Amy J. Overholt revocable trust.



Merwin A. Bjornstad Estate to Martina A. Chamberlain and John D. Wilson, $146,650.

Archie M. Brye Family Trust to Martina A. Chamberlain and John D. Wilson.

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