La Crosse County real estate transfers

2011-08-21T00:15:00Z La Crosse County real estate transfers La Crosse Tribune
August 21, 2011 12:15 am

By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


  • Janice L. and Todd Schroeder to Jacob S. and Jamie L. Schaeffer, 2406 State St., $144,900.
  • Linda K. Petersen to Robert H. Petersen, 624 and 626 S. Seventh St.
  • Adrianne M. Brooks and Charles R. Hofer to Lobe Properties LLC, 522 Farnam St., $22,550.
  • Jacque R. Bakalars to Ernest G. Shisler, 2849 S. 21st Terrace.
  • A&F Skover Trust to City of La Crosse, 731 Cliffwood Lane, $190,000.
  • Allen D. and Alona R. Eidsmoe to A&E Eidsmoe Revocable Trust, 4804 and 4806 Kings Court.
  • JBH Construction of La Crosse LLC to Xiaoli Deng and Darren J. Volden, 4225 S. 33rd St., $157,500.
  • David R., Robert A. and Roger A. Oliver, and Marilyn E. Parker to Laura A. and Robert W. Markham, 3016 S. 27th St., $106,700.
  • Richard D. Nelson to Richard D., Roger J. and Tina M. Nelson, 1211 George St., $32,350.
  • Daniel D. Wozney to Karen L. Wozney, 4043 Hwy. B.
  • Delcromo Inc. to M-V Properties of La Crosse LLC, 111 and 115 Third St. S., $400,000.
  • Ivens Investments LLC to John and Robert D. Ivens, 2160 Jackson St., 2610 Farnam St., N2074 Irish Court, N5412 W. Circle Drive, Onalaska, 1318 Kane St., 525 N. 13th St. and 3235 Elm Drive (transfers also in part of towns of Onalaska and Shelby).
  • Jean E. Beyer Revocable Trust Agreement to Heather L. Schenck, 230 S. 22nd St., $105,000.
  • David A. Beach and Elizabeth A. Pobieglo to Elizabeth A. Pobieglo, 2801 Onalaska Ave.
  • Saralynne M. Frisby-Fredrickson and Larry E. Vest to Amy K. and Benjamin J. Breidenbach, 713 George St.
  • Timothy C. Richardi to Kathleen A. and Robert J. Sr. Hancock, 1304 and 1306 Winnebago St., $105,250.
  • Jasleen and Mandeep Singh to Jeffrey P. and Monique A. Freund, 4802 Stanley Court, $375,000.
  • Raymond B. and Rosella A. Reinl to Marferwall Properties LLC, 210 Avon St., $325,000.
  • Slavica and Stevan Momcilovic to Shivam Inc., 614 Monitor St., $630,000.
  • Pammel Creek Development LLC to JBH Construction of La Crosse LLC, 4120 Cliffside Drive, $45,000.
  • JBH Construction of La Crosse LLC to Megan J. and Paul D. Bagniefski, 4120 Cliffside Drive, $232,519.
  • Lela R. Jordan to Shon M. Jordan, 114 Leonard St. S., West Salem, and 1022 Vine St., 1928 S. 21st Terrace, 1220 and 1222 S. Fourth St., 945 and 947 Denton St., and 1528, 1526 and 1524 S. 10th St. (one property in West Salem).
  • Couleecap Inc. to Coulee Housing Development Corp., 2508 S. 15th St., $120,000.
  • Coulee Housing Development Corp. to Amelia M. McDowell, 1508 S. 15th St., $75,000.
  • Glenn and Joan Olsen to Joan Olsen Revocable Trust, 410 Gillette St., Building 9, Unit A.
  • Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Quest Trust to James P. Delmedico, 2903 S. 31st St., $52,500.
  • Theda K. and Virgil H. Holder to Mary J. Gander, 215 N. 15th St., $110,000.
  • Alvin I. Attleson Estate to Withrow Properties LLC, 3011 Scarlett Drive, $77,500.
  • Dorothy S. Wolf Trust to Michael W. Peterson, 324 S. 10th St., $142,000.
  • Kathleen M. Tabbert to Carl E. and Kathleen M. Tabbert, 1811 Green Bay St.
  • Marilyn L. Kleppe to Ronald Wintrick, 708 and 712 Winnebago St., $63,000.
  • James K. and Doris A. Doherty Trust and Patricia A. Kerska to Andrew R. Gentry, 1619 Travis St., $85,000.
  • Judith H. Sasse and Martha J. and Robert B. Stuckey to Kassidy Cable and Harper J. Taggart, 2005 King St., $64,600.
  • Caroline McClure to Kassidy Cable and Harper J. Taggart, 2005 King St., $32,400.
  • Corwith Parkside Properties LLC to Kevin G. and Mary C. Lamers, 786 Hillview Ave., $147,000.
  • Vilas Street Property Management Group LLC to Renee E. Dettmann, 2310 S. 31st St.
  • Vilas Street Property Management Group LLC to Renee E. Dettmann, 2204 S. 31st St.
  • R&M Hafner Trust to Jennifer L. Doerfler, 1912 King St., $165,000.
  • Christopher A. and Jennifer L. Doerfleer to Elizabeth J. and Parin S. Gohel, 1634 Cass St., $470,000.
  • Jacques Real Estate LLC to Acre Three LLC, 1416, 1418, 1420 and 1422 Losey Blvd. S., $1.32 million.
  • Vilas Street Property Management Group LLC to Alex G. Chaney and Katherine K. Knotts, 417 and 419 S. 10th St., $156,000.
  • Bonita S. and Robert A. Jackson to Neighborhood Rentals LLC, 1543 and 1545 Loomis St., 1011 and 1013 Green Bay St., 1706 S. East Ave., 1726 Johnson St., 1311 Winnebago St., 1346 and 1348 George St., 1424 Rose St., 1437 Caledonia St., 1429 Charles St., 1520 and 1522 Jackson St., 2333 Wood St., 2184 S. 22nd St., 901 and 903 S. 26th St., 912 S. 16th St., 718 Gohres St., 411, 412 and 415 S. Ninth St., 2929 W. Fairchild St. and 1502 Wood St., all in La Crosse, and 345 N. Mill St., 222 W. Hamilton St., 126 W. Franklin St., 212 N. Youlon St. and 112 S. Harmony St., all in West Salem.
  • Three Rivers Condominiums Inc. to Laura A. Julsrud, 14 Copeland Ave. and 14 Copeland Ave., Unit 202, $140,000.
  • Mary E. and Michael S. Levine to John W. and Kerrie A. Moore, 125 S. 17th Place, $275,000.
  • Daniel W. Rowley to Sally A. Miller, 3548 S. East Ave., $89,000.
  • Craig O. and Elizabeth A. Beaty to Cathleen L. and Steven E. Petranek, 2026 Kane St., $100,000.
  • Debra A. and Gary M. Thrower to Beth M. and Christopher J. Swertfeger, 2035 Loomis St., $127,200.
  • Susan Latshaw Estate to Kevin J. Werlein, 720 and 722 Gillette St., $90,000.
  • Mary J. Aspenson, Joan J. Ellis, Gregory J., Thomas J. and Timothy G. Juan, Kathleen S. Notsch and Rita A. Rice to Johnson Real Estate LLC, 3540 S. East Ave., $79,500.
  • Jeremy C. and Megan A. Moritz to Theresa A. Nutt, 1216 S. East Ave., $130,000.
  • Beneficial Financial 1 Inc. to Dexter R. Malin, 2206 S. 15th Place., $80,000.
  • Betty J. Giese Trust to Debra L. Hether, 2514 Chase St., $115,000.
  • Nicole M. Nelson to Erik J. and Nicole M. Nelson, 2517 Harvey St.
  • Kenneth T. Christenson Sr. to Kenneth T. Christenson Jr., 1716 Gillette Place.
  • Eva M. Skaar to Eva M. and Norman G. Skaar, 1802 Kane St.
  • Debra L. Sobkowiak to Karen M. Tower, 1402 Hyde Ave., $132,200.
  • Debra S. and Lee G. Henriksen to Barry G. and Jennifer J. Friends, 2005 State St., $192,500.
  • Matthew D. and Melissa A. Sawyer to Alyssa J. Ames-Harnden and Tyler W. Harnden, 2603 Prospect St., $117,500.
  • Timothy L. Obert to Stacey L. Engler, 2531 S. 16th St., $80,000.
  • Kenneth T. Christenson Jr. to Ken’s Auto Repair LLC, 1716 Gillette Place.
  • Amy M. Bell to Matthew J. Goede, 1641 Hyde Ave., $85,500.
  • Diane L. and Jeffrey E. Mlsna, Eileen M. Widner, and Gary S., Olive and Paul D. Zebell to Kelly M. Doering and Daniel W. Rowley, 2305 S. 29th St., $122,900.
  • Bahr Trust to Tyler S. Mickelson, 1924 Winnebago St., $105,000.
  • La Crosse Rentals LLC to Pointe West Investments LLC, 905 and 907 State St., $160,000.
  • Dennis R., Norman L. and Thomas G. Oliver to Christopher J. Larson, 2908 Leonard St., $79,400.
  • Angela D. and Benjamin E. Dingel to Birgit and Ian A. Muehlenhaus, 212 S. 21st Place, $171,500.
  • Deanna N. Blake and Samuel P., Thomas L. and Timothy A. Pfaff to Kathryn H. Sims, 1324 Ferry St., $74,000.
  • Darlene G. and Francis D. Hanson to Roger C. Nimmer, 2923 S. 21st Place, $69,800.
  • WHEDA to Joel D. Homme and Kelly S. McDonough, 724 S. 17th St., $87,700.
  • Marvel L. and Michael J. Faherty to Dawn A. Faherty, Bronwyn K. McMillin, Jane E. Riddle and Erin L. Wuchina, 1415 Salem Road.
  • Ruth E. Kneifl Estate to Brian L. and Debra J. Benzing, 2601 Leonard St., $89,677.
  • Eric G. and Jason G. Dillaber to Dillaber Properties LLC, 1113 Vine St.
  • Eric G. and Jason Dillaber to Dillaber Properties LLC, 1250, 1252, 1254 and 1256 La Crosse St.
  • Park Bank to Othman Bin Affin Mosque, 206 Rose St., $97,000.
  • Cynthia L Twite to Gina R. Gentry, 5105 S. 33rd St., $97,000.
  • Michaels Joint Revocable Trust to Becky A. and Jeffrey J. Michaels, 2690 S. Seventh St.
  • Richard R. Carnal to Erin E. and Oakley O. Carnal, 629 Ferry St., $80,000.
  • Kenneth W. Risch to Abraham W. and Katrin M.G. Tsigonis, 1137 Grandad Terrace, $173,000.
  • River Mountain LLC to 4th and King St. Condominiums LLC, 301, 305, 309, 313, 317, 321 and 325 S. Fourth St., and 401, 411, 415 and 417 King St., $365,000.
  • Amy E. and Oscar I. Winger to Altra Federal Credit Union, 423 S. 14th St.
  • Altra Federal Credit Union to Richard C. and Sara E. Kujak, 423 S. 14th St., $253,900.
  • JRS Development LLC to Vona J. Hiser, 620 Gillette St.
  • Heather and John Merfeld to Jason R. and Lori S. Weber, 5262 Brackenwood Court.
  • Jennifer H. Johnson to Paul A. Ammerman, 2204 Barlow St., $150,000.
  • LHH Inc. to A&S Foster LLC, 500 Copeland Ave., 500 Copeland Ave. Apt. 1 and 500 Copeland Ave. Apt. 2, $150,000.
  • Dale L. and Renee L. Heintz to Richard L. Foster, 2630 S. East Ave., $83,000.
  • Lindsey and Marcus Stefonek to Becky J. and Jorg Vianden, 512 S. 19th St., $212,000.
  • Richard C. and Sara E. Kujak to Beth A. and Nathan S. Franklin, 1435 Denton St., $179,900.
  • Barbara R. Berg and Gertrude G. and Ricky C. Kolter to David L. Brown, 717 N. 24th St., $72,000.
  • Karon J. Larson to Swenson Properties LLC, 2415 S. 31st St., $127,900.
  • Carol L. Frommelt to Carol L. Frommelt Revocable Trust, 1645 Avon St.
  • Carol L. Frommelt to Carol L. Frommelt Revocable Trust, 1826 Avon St.
  • Barbara A. and Brian D. Benson to Lutheran Campus Ministry-La Crosse Inc. and Wesley Foundation of Wisconsin State University-La Crosse, 1334 Pine St. and 325 N. 14th St.,$140,000.
  • Lutheran Campus Ministry-La Crosse Inc. to Barbara A. and Brian D. Benson, 1626 State St. and 127 N. 17th St., $144,000.
  • Wesley Foundation of Wisconsin State University-La Crosse to Barbara A. and Brian D. Benson, 126 N. 17th St., $36,000.
  • Three Rivers Condominiums Inc. to Carolyn E., Daryl B. and Jordan L. Aspenson, 14 Copeland Ave., $154,000.
  • Laurie A. Pavela to Jessica J. and Rafael A. Torres, 2509 Losey Court, $185,500.
  • Diane C. and Robert A. Reinhart to Robert and Diane Reinhart Joint Revocable Trust, 1415 Cass St.


  • Nancy Noelke and Thomas E. Schmitt to Jeffrey J. and Sherri K. Preeshl, 1044 and 1046 Terrace Drive, $142,000.
  • Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development USA, 538 N. 13th Ave., $199,400.
  • Ann H. and Paul W. Jr. Henke to Henke Properties LLC, 401 and 403 N. Third Ave.
  • Catherine J. and Mark G. Inman to Heather L. and Timothy R. Olson, 789 Aspen Valley Drive, $337,000.
  • Ellen A. and William W. Soper to Taryn K. Zubich, 1202 N. Oak Ave., $234,000.
  • Lance J. and Megan J. Dembraski to Lance J. Dembraski, 460 N. Second Ave. and 463 N. Third Ave
  • Adam S. and Melissa A. Aspenson to Ellen A. and William W. Soper, 803 Oak Timber Drive, $380,000.
  • Savannah Development LLC to Kareem M. Shabana, 2444 Spring Hill Way, $60,000.
  • Heather L. and Timothy R. Olson to Andrew P. and Calison J. Weiss, 924 Keith Place, $285,000.
  • Lovena E. and Robert E. Price to Jeffrey W. Varnum, 565 Court Road, $168,900.
  • Peter B. and Susan K. Servais to Donald J. and Sophia Miller, 532 Eagle Court, $279,900.
  • Kathleen A. Gorsett to Paula J. Gorsett, 653 Winter St.
  • Beercave Hill LLC to Telecom Lease Advisors LLC, 1785 E. Main St., $262,000.
  • Daniel J. and Vicky A. Staebell to Lucille M. and Richard B. Mulder, 1119 Aspen Valley Drive, $30,000.
  • Daniel J. and Vicky A. Staebell to Kevin J. and Penelope A. O’Reilly, 1119 Aspen Valley Drive, $30,000.
  • Jennifer S. and Jonathan R. Kloehn to Gerald A. and Rhonda J. Kirchoff, 939 Tahoe Drive, $419,000.
  • River Bank to Weber Joint Revocable Trust, 744 Shelly Lane, $250,000.
  • William and Helen Towner Irrevocable Trust to Beverly J. and Steve K. Kellicut, 1232 Oriole Lane, $197,000.
  • Sherry E. Moldenhauer to Clay E. and Marie E. Denham, 505 N. Eighth Ave., $167,000.
  • Luanne J. and Scott B. Sobkowiak to Ronald J. and Sandra M. Reichert, 2120 Greenview Lane, $245,000.
  • Milmac Properties LLC to Douglas M. and Susan D. Westbrook, 620 and 622 Victoria Lane, $141,250.
  • Milmac Properties LLC to Douglas M. and Susan D. Westbrook, 620 and 622 Victoria Lane, $141,250.
  • Anne M. and Jeffrey S. Fimreite to Jennifer L. Mumm, 2018 Grand View Blvd., $208,000.
  • Timothy P. Pederson to Cathi A. Pederson, 618 S. Ninth Ave.
  • Laura A. Pfaff to Jonathan J. and Tiffany J. Vermes, 609 Gail Ave., $168,500.
  • Bruce R. Sr. and Jacalyn C. Kuhlman to Nathaniel E. and Nicole K. Uecker, 765 Stonebridge Ave., $429,900.
  • Linda C. Bornitz Estate to Michael A. and Samantha E. Williams, 539 E. Spruce St., $139,900.
  • Kent J. and Trudy E. Bredeson to Winther Family Revocable Living Trust, 1636 Pine Ridge Drive, $209,900.
  • Nathan Hill Development LLC to Terrance C. Herbst and Thane P. Page, $38,971.
  • Valley View Business Park LLP and Valley View Business Park Rentals to Terrance C. Herbst and Thane P. Page, $5,700.
  • Sarah McIlvaine and Neil L. Rouse to Neil L. Rouse, 308 N. Second Ave., $24,000.
  • Robert A. Cook to Robert A. Cook Family Trust, 820 and 826 S. Second Ave.
  • Even Trio LLC to Evenson and Co. Inc., 4077 Pineview St., $54,900.
  • Evenson and Co. Inc. to George D. and Lori L. Clayton, 4077 Pineview St., $249,000.
  • Christopher W. Carey to Heather R. Carey, 943 Streblow St.
  • Jamie L. Grandt to Stanley A. Grandt, 942 Park Ave.
  • Matthew W. and Tiffany R. Cripps to Nicole A. Durham, 679 Custer Court, $165,500.
  • Dawn M. Kinderman to Dawn M. and Steven W. Kinderman, 1645 Keller Court.


  • Lori A. Ammerman to Joshua J. and Melissa A. Scriver, $143,900.
  • Michelle L. and Richard B. Massman to James C. and Geraldine A. Poppe Revocable Trust Agreement, $165,500.
  • Muriel A. and William H. Sandman to Becky L. Hundt, Barbara A. Mellor and Rodney A. Sandman.
  • Arthur P. and Julie Sommerfield to Michelle L. and Richard B. Massman, $196,500.
  • Brian H. and Jane E. Kapanke to Jennifer M. Kapanke and Jacob D. Pederson, $125,000.
  • Eugene L. and Kari L. Davidson to Brian H. and Jane E. Kapanke, $161,500.


  • Abby L. and Thad W. Glick to Kevin P. Morgan, $184,000.
  • Laura M. Holley to Pamela J. Schmit, $172,000.
  • Jessica L. Erickson to Sandra M. Gerdes, $140,000.
  • J. David and Kathryn J. Blatt to Jeffrey and Julie L. Connelly, $150,000.
  • Carmel M. Bladl to Benjamin J. Bladl.
  • Sheriff of La Crosse County and Choua Vang and Pao Xiong to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • Hayley L. Bangsberg to Jeffrey R. Dummer.
  • Barbara A. Randall to Village of Holmen.
  • Village of Holmen to Jorge Holdings 1 LLC.
  • William C. Robbins and Bridget K. Todd-Robbins to Jennifer L. Baker, $123,000.
  • Terry A. Davis to Village of Holmen, $88,000.
  • Joshua J. and Sarah J. Urmanski to William C. Robbins and Bridget K. Todd-Robbins, $220,000.
  • Danette T. and Gerald Jr. Jankowski to Jacquelyn L. and Seth E. Scholl, $138,000.
  • Harriet L. Granum to Debra L. Sobkowiak, $87,500.
  • George D. and Lori L. Clayton to Danette T. and Gerald P. Jankowski, $239,000.
  • Michael T. and Rachel J. Siegersma to Charles R. and Heather M. Hauser, $172,500.


  • Carol M. Hanson to Roger G. and Sara M. Manke, $137,500.
  • John III, Kurt, Sabina and William Bosshard to Jennifer J. and Lance A. Wulf, $54,050.
  • Arlan J. and Leona M. Gilbertson to Danielle M. and Gregory V. Reichert, $128,800.
  • Michael L. and Nancy L. McGuire to Terry J. Rochester, $169,000.
  • Donald E. Stensven and Marion L. Twite-Stensven to Heather Montgomery and Kyle Twite.
  • Bert W. Brown to Suzette K. Winterfield.
  • Neshonoc Development LLC to Michael J. and Trisha A. Harman, $54,900.
  • Stephanie M. and Travis R. Fronk to Brenda and John S. Nielsen, $178,000.
  • John III, Kurt, Sabina and William Bosshard to Lindsey R. and Marcus J. Stefonek, $55,900.


  • Barbara J. and Kenneth W. Wolfe to David J. and Gretchen M. Eckland, $172,000.


  • Wills Family Trust to Troy Strittmater.
  • Troy Strittmater to Wills Family Trust.
  • Ellen J. and Michael R. Miller to SC Farms LLC,$183,700.
  • Michael R. and Peter C. Miller and Ann C. Yri to SC Farms LLC, $61,300.


  • Doris A. and James W. Kotek to James W. and Doris A. Kotek Trust. (parts of transfer also in towns of Bangor and Hamilton)
  • Patricia J. and Ronald L. Clements to Gary and Jeff Osgood, $115,000.
  • Heather M. and Karl D. Gellersen to Curtis D. II and Jane M. Wells, $159,900.


  • Charles R. and Heather M. Hauser to Kaycee J. Broten, $122,700.
  • Judith A. and Randolph A. Sr. Eddy to Randolph A. Sr. and Judith A. Eddy Joint Revocable Trust.
  • Laura A. Julsrud to Kathy L. Kaukl, $125,900.
  • Allen J. and Linda D. Dietrich to Tammy L. and Jonathan D. Symicek, $155,000.
  • Barbara E. and Thomas D. Cronk to Sara A., Daniel W. and Jeffrey T. Cronk, Brenda E. Stuhr and Donna M. Swyers.
  • F. David and Jean M. Wolfert to Lisa A., Richard D., Robert J. and Stephan P. Wolfert.
  • Margaret M. Blackburn Estate to Darla J. and Richard E. Chester, $51,900.


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