The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


  • Associated Bank to Paul Cochlin, 537 and 539 Main St., $81,000.
  • Beverly E. Lemke Estate to Sandra Hafner, 2120 S. 15th Place.
  • RTLJ Enterprises LLC to GVC Inc, 150 Sumner St., $550,000; 326 S. Seventh St. and 620 Cameron Ave., $1 million.
  • McLoone Metal Graphics Inc. to Wafer Inc., 75 and 83 Sumner St., 319, 333 and 411 Causeway Blvd., $40,000.
  • The La Crosse County Sheriff and Angeline A. Tilson to Colonial Savings, 1502 Wood St.
  • Montour L. and Scott A. Beck to State of Wisconsin DNR, also in the town of Medary, $89,600.
  • Jeffrey J. and Sherri K. Preeshl to Ben B. Bockenhauer and Karen R. Neeb, 514 Lang Drive, $208,000.
  • Elaine M. Beadle to John and Pamela E. Beadle and Peggy Tatum, 212 S. 28th St..
  • Amy J. and Vincent P. Stodola to Katie L. Erickson and Michael J. Wendt, 1215 S. Fifth Ave., $104,000.
  • Catherine J. and Wayne A. Jensen to Kimberly M. Carlson, 3000 Lincoln Ave., $154,000.
  • Michael W. Stellick to Karl J. Schilling, 2163 Diagonal Road, $27,000.
  • Ruth M. Harvey to Michael W. Stellick, 1422 Redfield St., $64,000.
  • Carl J. Hershey to Kristi M. Ceason, 1542 Loomis St., $79,400.
  • Beverly A. Leisso Estate to Karen A. Stenslien, 2303 Jackson, $67,000.
  • Marlene F. and Richard J. Merfeld to Marlene F. and Richard J. Merfeld Living Trust, 721 Oak St..
  • Bethany J. Brahmer and John K. Kennedy to Jennifer A. Sherry, 2023 Adams St., $70,500.
  • US Bank and WFMBS 2003-N to Ocean FIN LLC, 410 Cass St., $317,000.
  • Paul E. Schams to Bethany Evangelical Free Church Inc., 3939 Hwy. B., $2 million.
  • Joshua C. and Kristin R. Dewey to Gregory J. and Sarah R. Griffiths, 506 S. 19th St., $149,400.
  • Pammel Creek Development LLC to JBH Construction of La Crosse LLC, 4335 S. 33rd St. and 3305 Levy Lane, $40,000.
  • JBH Construction of La Crosse LLC to Charles T. and Yuzhen Underberg, 4335 S. 33rd St. and 3305 Levy Lane, $211,006.
  • Kristi L. and Michael A. Nickelatti to Cassandra L. and Nathan P. Johnson, 5525 Orion Court, $234,000.
  • John L. and Sandra J. Fendt to Michelle R. Kern, 1328 S. 27th St., $100,000.
  • Barry G. and Jennifer J. Friends to Jansen C. and Kimberly D. Dahl, 208 S. 17th Place, $525,000.
  • Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation Inc. to George and Judith A. Kimmet, 2114 Winnebago St., $76,680.


  • Mary M. and Michael J. Berkich to Wayne R. Wagner, 212 Larch Ave., $164,900.
  • Jeanette Dickinson to Jeanette and Mark A. Dickinson, 243 Kevin Court.
  • Rose Trust to Catherine L. and Charles A. Arenson, 3040 Wild Rose Lane, $592,000.
  • Leslie E. and Sue A. Ross Joint Revocable Trust to Charles Nagy, 471 N. Third Ave.
  • Jack A. Edwards to Edwards-Gerke 2010 Revocable Trust, 447 Country Club Lane.
  • Erich P. and Shelley C. Wetzel to Joshua C. and Kristin R. Dewey, 1521 Birka Lane, $219,900.
  • Donald L. Olson Estate to Robert G. Moe and Kathly L. Zeitler, 2301 Franklin St., $117,000.
  • Lane M. and Valerie M. Stockeland to Chad M. Hilton and Leah I. Metz, 921 Tahoe Drive, $340,000.


  • Brian D. and Nola J. Anderson to Robin M. and Roger L. Fenske, $225,000.
  • Gina C. and Thomas J. Troyanek to Susan Rombalski, $212,500.
  • Waldner Home Construction LLC to Nicholas L. and Tara L. Candahl, $176,900.
  • Harvey Miller Construction Inc. to Janice S. Cunningham, $34,000.


  • Beyer Investments LLC to Terry W. and William J. Wagner, $60,000.
  • Betty L. Hanson and the La Crosse County Sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp..


  • Jeffrey C. and Vicki L. Thompson to Adam L. and Nikki L. Emerson, $149,900.
  • Jaime and Michael J. Erickson to Jaime and Michael J. Erickson Living Trust.


  • Paul E. Tracey to Paul E. Tracey Family Trust, also in the town of Holland.
  • Faith A. Johnson to Dawn L. Hoff and Terry L. Stetzer, $35,500.


  • Jamie M. and Michael E. Erickson to Erickson Living Trust.


  • Michael D. Reschke to B&B Werner Properties LLC, $88,000.

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