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Have you ever been halfway to work when you realize you can’t remember if you left your hair straightener on? Have you ever gone on vacation and had to choose between leaving your lights on for a week or worrying about a break in? Do you ever sleep through your alarm clock? One little $16 smart plug is the solution.

This affordable smart plug from Tocode can be used on any standard outlet. Simply plug it in and register the device on your WiFi network. Then, you can access any plug in your home with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or your smartphone.

1) Spend your vacation truly relaxing.

Smart sockets allow you to set individual appliances to a schedule, saving you energy throughout the month. If you leave for vacation, simply turn your lights on for a few hours in the evening from your phone.

2) Stop worrying about fire hazards.

If you forget to turn off your curling iron or space heater before work, you don’t need to rush home. Simply switch it off from your smartphone at your office.

3) Make your morning routine a little easier.

This smart plug has a timer function, so you can automatically turn on and off any home device. Need your morning caffeine fix immediately? Turn on your coffee maker ten minutes before you wake up. For those who constantly sleep through alarms, this plug allows you to set your bedroom lights to a timer, and turns them on automatically each morning.


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