This Divorced Couple Got Engaged Again On Christmas

The holidays can certainly bring out the sentimental side in all of us. Who among us hasn’t been inspired to pick up the phone and call an old friend after hearing a classic Christmas carol? Maybe you’ve even found yourself thinking about “the one who got away.”

It’s always nice when the the holidays can bring people back together again. And that was certainly the case for formerly divorced couple Jeffrey and Lorrie Agan.

The couple first married in 1989, but after 24 years of marriage, they divorced in 2014. The couple share eight children together, and the separation was difficult for the entire family. But when they went their separate ways, it gave them the opportunity to work on themselves as individuals. Jeffrey went back to school to become a nurse, began spending more time with his grandchildren and picked up poetry. Lorrie, meanwhile, dedicated herself to nature and meditation.

After awhile, the former couple began spending more time together, and eventually started to date again. And this Christmas, the entire family got the surprise of a lifetime when Jeffrey asked Lorrie to marry him for the second time. “No one knew Dad had planned the proposal, and the detail and love he put into it,” Jeffrey Jr., the couple’s son, told BuzzFeed, “but I read the situation quickly as it was happening, and I pulled out my phone and caught a great recording!” Check out the touching moment below:

As Lorrie reads aloud the poem her ex-husband had written for her about their enduring love, he gets down on one knee, presents her with a ring and asks her to marry him all over again. The couple’s love is evident as Lorrie happily accepts his proposal and embraces Jeffrey through tears.

After Jeffrey Jr. posted the video, it quickly went viral, with people from all over chiming in to express their congratulations. “This has been a magical time for my family, with all this outpouring of support. I have defining proof that true love does exist, and that gives hope to so many people!” said Jeffrey Jr.

What a beautiful reunion!

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