County-by-county map showing percentage of state highways in poor or worse condition as of 2015



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We need far fewer chiefs and many more Indians! Government at all levels need to get rid of ¾ of the pencil pushers that come up with wasteful project to try to justify their blotted pay and put them at the working end of a shovel or rake putting blacktop into the potholes! Why do these morons think the taxpayers would pay for something new when they don’t take care of what they have! If we the taxpayers took care of our cars, homes, or any other property we have the way big brother takes care of the roads, buildings, parks, and all the other things the taxpayers have paid for we would also have nothing but junk!! If the taxpayers would do no maintence on our property like government does we all would be broke or in bankruptcy like this government is heading! FIX WHAT WE HAVE BEFOR SPENDING MONEY ON SOMETHING NEW!!!

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