La Crosse Common Council president Audrey Kader has challenged all but 66 of the 252 signatures filed in a recall effort against her.

Most of the signatures she flagged list an address of 702 Franciscan Way, which is the Viterbo University student union and the student mailing address. A residential address is needed to be considered valid, Kader contends.

That could be open to interpretation, however.

According to state law, those signing recall petitions or nomination papers must provide “a complete address, including municipality of residence for voting purposes, and the street and number, if any, of the residence, (or a postal address if it is located in the jurisdiction that the candidate seeks to represent) ... ”  

More than 60 percent, or 153, of the 252 signatures on the recall petitions listed 702 Franciscan Way as an address. A total of 158 signatures from Kader’s District 11 will be needed to trigger the recall election.

Kader submitted her challenge to the city clerk’s office Monday. The group leading the recall effort has five business days — until 5 p.m. Monday — to deliver a written rebuttal.

Kader then would have two days to respond, after which City Clerk Teri Lehrke has 14 days to file a certificate of sufficiency or insufficiency.

Greg Luce is leading the effort to recall the council president and says he represents both the tea party and the Restore La Crosse Committee. He had no comment Thursday on the challenge or his group’s plans to respond.

Of the 30 pages of signatures Luce presented to the city clerk Nov. 16, at least 71 percent came from students living on the Viterbo campus. Some later admitted they knew little about the recall or Kader.

“The feedback I’ve had from the Viterbo campus, including many of the students, is it’s something of an embarrassment,” Kader said. “It’s fairly clear from the comments that were made that many of the students really didn’t know what they were signing.”

If the recall petition is ruled insufficient, the petitioner would have the option of correcting it by filing affidavits or other proof within five days.

Kader, council president since 2009, won her third straight four-year term in 2011 with no opponent.

The group said she was targeted for recall because her seat otherwise is not up for re-election until 2015.

In their petition, they accuse Kader of failing to provide leadership on the council and to the mayor, “and in fact has created a negative forum for active community participation and supported a divisive atmosphere in setting and achieving city policies, goals and objectives.”

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Boggles the mind, that's all I can say. Just boggles the mind.


Its interesting Kader would behave in a way that insults voting constituents (Viterbo students) like she has done. It seems this type of obtuse maneuvering has been Kader's calling card...and may be her downfall.


Viterbo students are probably (and should be) disgusted at the failure of City leadership to deal with the crime problem in the areas around Viterbo. Kaders Krew was in over their head even with the chicken issue, and has utterly failed at providing meaningful leadership across the board.

La Crosse deserves, and needs, better. Oust Council President Kader.

Tim Russell
Tim Russell

Who the heck is Greg Luce? He sounds like he is about 17 years lod on the radio. Is he from around here?


The next Craig Nestor. Yeah, I think 17 years is about right.

Educated Redneck

Said it yesterday and I'll say it again. I'm sure they wouldn't have any trouble getting enough replacement signatures. The city council is old, biased, and only has the interests of large businesses in mind. They need to be replaced with some common sense. They pushed the mayor out, just as they hoped to do, by stonewalling everything he tried to do.


The Kader petition is Luce's first step toward Wisconsin secession from the United States. You have to start small. Get Kader out of the way, get Kader's district to secede, then La Crosse will secede, then the Northside will secede from La Crosse, which will secede from La Crosse County, which will secede from Texas, as Burger King seceded from McDonalds...

Dress for Secession:

Petition created for Wisconsin to secede from the United States

"I think petitioning gets it's point across, sometimes it's the only way
to get the ear of some of the politicians is to get so many signatures
and make a petition,” said supporter Greg Luce.

Dress for Success


The TEA Party says that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and Unions should have to pay for the money spent in the Walker recall attempt. Is it safe to assume that they will lead by example and put up the money for this election if it makes it to the ballot?


Ya good point, that will never happen.


Whether she is right ot not, the GAB manual allows her the option to challenge the signatures. I find it interesting that the same group dismissing her claims called for scrutiny of EVERY one of the million plus signatures on the Walker recall papers and challenged thousands of signatures. If the roles were reversed and one of their candidates were being recalled you can't tell me they wouldn't question the fact that 73% of the signatures came from the same address. Let the process run its course.


The only example of a waste of taxpayer's money more nefarious than this was Nestor's frivolous Ethics Complaint.


9 of the 17 council members signed the kapanke and walker recall petitions. In the end, nothing changed, now that was a waste of tax dollars.


Funny how Audry and her party, did not worry about college students addresses when the recall for Walker was going around, just the disenfranchised voters who had to show I.D.! She needs to be replaced!


The Teabaggers, the same folks that latch on to the GOP voter ID stuff, screwed up--showing us the morons they truly are.

Viterbo students, regardless of where they live (and what council district they live in) get a student mailbox at the 702 address.

I have a PO box--I should go try and register to vote where my box is located.


Thanks for making the argument for Voter ID even stronger. What you are suggesting in your comment is exactly why Voter ID is needed, to prevent the fraud in which you are suggesting.


Only students living on campus get a mailbox at Viterbo University--because it's their residence.

Students living off campus are not residences of 702 Franciscan Way and therefore do not get a mailbox.

I don't understand why this is an issue--those students using that same 702 Franciscan Way address are the same students that vote Kader and our other public officials into office.

The comment by Kader saying the student didn't even know what they were signing just shows she doesn't have a connection with the student in her district. And people sign papers all the time without understanding--have you ever read a document in its entirety and understood it before signing it? Few have.

And I by the way, there are better ways to spend our time and resources—people need to learn to work together to better our community—people are not always going to agree and will have to compromise to accomplish anything.

Buggs Raplin

From what I can tell Audrey's challenge is frivolous, but the recall itself was contrived.

Tim Russell
Tim Russell

I agree on both accounts Buggs. What I don't get is how the article is "slanted" as indicated below by Luce. I see nothing in the article that suggests the bias he is claiming.


I'm not taking side but, of those that signed this, how many actually live there? What I mean is, we know they go to school there, but how many live in Kader's district when their not in this school? Where are they from. Where is their real home, the one with a Mom a Dad a sister and a dog? It seems to me, someone is trying to scam the public, with a slight of hand trick.


The vote YES on school referendums that raise our taxes as well, but they don't have to live with the consequences.


The is not where their Mom and Dad live for voting purposes, it is where they live. Now the real question would be, where the student's residence is. They may have a mailing address at the school for school purposes, just as you might have a mailbox at your workplace in the city limits of La Crosse, but you actually reside somewhere else. Students who live in residence halls and campus housing would actually use that address for mailing but some buildings have different street addresses which is what is meant to be listed on the petition. That is sort of a trivial distiction, since unless Kader's district line runs down the middle of the Viterbo campus, they would still be located in her district. Now there could be fraud if a student who say, resides at a home outside Kader's district signs the petition and uses their school mailing address in an attempt to appear qualified to sign the petition.

Seriously Now
Seriously Now

Lawyer up, folks.


I wonder why the Tribune is defending Kader with bias journalism. It reminds me of the not so distant past when they refused to report on a national story of two local morning news anchors. I guess we should only be told the side that benefits this news paper, if at all. The “Good Old Boy” network this paper promotes is getting a bit old.

Tim Russell
Tim Russell

The credibility of your post is questionable when the main accusation included is absolutely false.


The credibility of your post is questionable when you quote the wrong story! He was refering to this story I think: . The search terms that revealed this story from the archive of the journal sentinal site did not reveal a similar story from the lacrosse tribune archives. Google searches, though not exhaustive, did not reveal any La Crosse Tribune references to this story either. Typically a local story covered by the Tribune would be at the top of google results. I am inclined to believe RiskyFishings assertion.


Do a search on Trib's website using "jennifer livingston" and you shall find it my friend. It's dated 10/3/12. It has 117 comments so apparently some people found it.

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