Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt clues

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September 16, 2011 11:45 am

Clue No. 5 Friday | Sept. 16

Its beginning stretches back to the mid-1880s,

More than 50 years later became one of the city's main arteries;

Eventually, named for an association president and attorney,

He worked to beautify what became a popular cemetery.


Clue No. 4 | Sept. 15

The sisters purchased land from an estate,

Hope to build a school, but ran into a city stalemate;

Later purchased by a developer who built more than 75 homes,

Among his other projects, built a cemetery wall of Grandad stones.


Clue No. 3 | Sept. 14

Mounds of history are buried there and here,

Today, buildings, tables and, nearby, a place to cheer;

The earliest spot for a county-wide exposition,

Later named for a man who stopped on his westward expedition.


Clue No. 2 | Sept. 13

Start at the earliest place for a quick summer cool,

Opened with an Olympic gold medalist and Chicago greats too;

A WWI veteran who returned following respiratory aid,

Built homes in the neighborhood for many more than a decade.


Clue No. 1 | Sept 12

Gemutlichkeit ... your friends are here,

That's the theme to guide Oktoberfest this year;

The elusive medallion is out there again,

Be prepared to let the clues lead the way, so let's begin!

The 2011 Oktoberfest Medallion:

  • Is located within the La Crosse city limits.
  • Is never buried in the ground.
  • Is always on public property.
  • Is accessible 24 hours, but posted hours should be observed.
  • Fits in the palm of a hand.
  • May be camouflaged.

The person finding the official Oktoberfest Medallion should call the number on the back of the medallion. The finder must wear an official, current-year Oktoberfest button to collect the entire prize package, which includes $500 cash, two tickets to the Festmaster's Ball, several gift certificates, and a miniature replica medallion, compliments of Satori Arts.

The hunt is sponsored by Wipfli LLP. Gift certificates have been donated by Downtown Mainstreet.

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