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Bruce Evers

Bruce F. Evers of Holmen will seek the Republican nomination for Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District

Erik Daily

A second Republican is in the race to represent Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District.

The announcement by Bruce F. Evers of Holmen, a retirement consultant and former banker, will force a primary with Dan Kapanke of La Crosse for the Republican nomination - and the right to oppose incumbent Democrat Ron Kind of La Crosse.

Evers said he is running because the times require someone with a strong financial background to deal with the issues.

He said Kind doesn't always do what he says he will do. Kind portrays himself as a financially moderate person yet votes for bills that are filled with pork-barrel spending, he said.

"Why are we paying for non-essential projects in someone else's district?" Evers said.

Evers describes himself as a "fiscally conservative Republican," and has a list of issues on his Web site at

Among them:

  • Social Security: Begin to make the transition now from Social Security as it exists to a system that has private accounts for everyone. Evers said that process could take 25 years.
  • Spending: Cut the size of federal government by 25 percent immediately, with more cuts to come.
  • Immigration: "Send all illegal immigrants back to their own country immediately" with their children. Let the children declare their citizenship at 18.
  • Bailouts: No more bailouts. Use any money returned by those bailed out to be applied to the deficit.

Evers said he attended the 3rd District Republican Convention over the weekend and lost a straw poll by a 96-4 vote. But the voting ended two hours before he was to speak to the audience, most of whom did not yet know him.

Kapanke said he was always aware that there was a possibility of a primary race.

"I agree with him that there are too many career politicians that don't have private business backgrounds," Kapanke said. "I decided to jump in the race because of what's going on in Washington, to give the people a choice."

Evers said he would hold a series of what he called "connecting forums," to listen to people and get them involved in the issues.


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