Gundersen Health System

Feb. 1

Daughter to Erica (Kies) and Brandon Verthein, Lanesboro

Son was born to Lindsy Shramek and Dustin Wetzel, Lone Rock

Feb. 2

Daughter to Bobbi (Lewey) and Skyler Cook, Black River Falls

Feb. 3

Daughter to Melissa Lara and Joshua Dowling, La Crosse

Son to LaCresha Tillman, La Crosse

Feb. 4

Daughter to Emily (McCracken) and Jeff Meltesen, Mauston

Son to Skylar Skadsem and Casey Boxengard, Spring Grove

Son to Bethany (Dobrunz) and Justin Klinski, Caledonia

Son to Kia Mulrine and Erick Cadogan, Onalaska

Feb. 6

Son to Sarah (Hicks) and Bryan Davis, Onalaska

Daughter to Emily (Nelson) and Jess Humpal, Holmen

Son to Patricia Shisler and Jose Luis Estrada Toscano, La Crosse

Son to Tara Gjerdahl and Josh Berger, Blair

Feb. 7

Daughter to Brittany (Binsfeld) and Daniel Hensgen, La Crosse

Feb. 8

Son to Molly Nevsimal, Trempealeau

Son to Katherine Anderegg and Jamie Frye, Whitehall

Daughter to Jana (Wacker) and Zachary Bever, Sparta

Daughter to Hillary Murray and Bobby Benson, Elroy

Feb. 9

Daughter to Jennifer Haugh and Mark Thorson Jr., Wilton

Son to Teri (Rosaaen) and Luke Vatland, Mabel, Minn.

Son to Rachel (Parish) and Mitchell Luehring, La Crosse

Daughter to Teri Schauf and Tim Berge, West Salem

Feb. 10

Son to Dana (White) and Joseph Johnston, Holmen

Daughter to Katherine (Johnson) and William Bittner, La Crosse

Son to Carly (Everin) and Samuel Gerardy, Brownsville

Daughter to Jessica Schewe, Winona

Feb. 11

Son to Sydney Neader, Holmen

Daughter to Misty Acker, Caledonia

Daughter to Crescent Hogden and Jeffrey Bell, La Crosse

Daughter to Melissa (Brenengen) and Robert Farley, Galesville

Feb. 12

Son to Jena and Andrew McNeil-Stuhr, La Crosse

Son to Ellen (Gapinski) and Michael Montenero, La Crosse

Son to Nicole (Elmer) and Justin Pitz, La Crosse

Feb. 14

Daughter to Stephanie and Cody Bernhardt, West Salem

Son to Julie (Halverson) and James Barney, La Crescent

Son to Danielle (Parcher) and Jade Moe, Coon Valley

Son to Rachelle (Schulze) and Jordan Meyer, Caledonia

Son to Jennifer (Otten) and Kyle Rogers, Holmen

Son to Becky (Nelson) and Andy Kiedrowski, Trempealeau

Feb. 15

Daughter to Elizabeth (Richgels) and Brandon Cain, Onalaska

Daughter tto Sarah (McKee) and Kenneth Hauser, Tomah

Son to Amy (Oppriecht) and Bradley Schaack, La Crosse

Feb. 16

Daughter to Jesana (Denter) and Justin Eckelberg, Wilton

Feb. 17

Son to Cynthia (Brunell) and Devin Wohlhoefer, Sparta

Son to Nikki and James Benzing, Mindoro

Son to Sara (Johnson) and Lucas Larson, Blair

Son to Lynn Hollowitch and Earnest Martin, Onalaska

Son to Andrea (Koch) and Wade Schossow, Winona

Son to Alexis Webster, La Crosse

Daughter to Amy (Werner) and Robert Demorest, West Salem

Son to Andrea (Shantz) and Dylan Becker,Caledonia

Feb. 20

Son to Rebecca (Berezowitz) and Christopher Blaken, Melrose

Son to Christine (Kuck) and Lance Klessig, Galesville

Son to Mary (Brennan) and Zachary Peterson, Holmen

Son to Erin Weidner and Adam Harper, La Crosse

Feb. 21

Daughter to Joelle Roth and Dustin Seekamp, Houston

Son to Andrea (Thornton) and Christopher Boggs, La Crosse

Feb. 22

Daughter to Tiffany (Stevens) and Chase Pettera, Prarie du Chien

Daughter to Jenna and Dru Mickelson, Black River Falls

Feb. 23

Daughter to Katherine Marquez and Arron Merchlewitz, Winona

Daughter to Andrea and Eric Van Wyk, La Crosse

Feb. 24

Son to Faith Lamon and Dylan Van Riper, Melrose

Daughter to Jamie (Cutlip) and Adam Bell, Onalaska

Feb. 25

Daughter to Hanglin Shen and Ronghui Chen, Onalaska

Feb. 26

Daughter to Carissa (Vander Horst) and Lance Dembraski, West Salem

Feb. 27

Son to Molly (Leppert) and Zachary Stemo, Caledonia

Daughter to Carlie Rinartz and Cody Jotham, Mindoro

Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse

April 7

Son to Jessica and Drew Hendrickson, Viroqua

April 8

Son to Nathan Stoda and Kaitlynn Sime, La Crescent

April 10

Daughter to Nadia Turner and Austin Marksman, La Crosse

Daughter to Conor Schultz and Blaise Augustyniak, Onalaska

April 11

Son to Brian and Maryne Bradley, Tomah, WI 54660

Daughter to Joshua and Rebecca Elder, La Crosse

Tomah Memorial Hospital

April 5

Son to Linda and Chuck Burmaster, Hillsboro

April 6

Daughter to Alexa and Tyler Coenen, Tomah

Son to Brittany McGinnis and Victor Harper, Sparta

April 7

Son to Bobbi Jo and Jarod Ulrich, New Lisbon

April 9

Daughter to Leighanna and Daniel Fuentes, Tomah

Daughter to Rachel and Adam Robarge, Tomah

April 11

Son to Erin and Cassandra Sargenti, Sparta

April 12

Daughter to Robin Kuhnke and Reiss Blackhawk, Black River Falls


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