Gundersen Health


DEC. 1

Daughter to Melanie (Becker) and Aaron Aspenson, Stoddard

Daughter to Brianna Stetter, La Crosse

Son to Jennifer and B.J. Ristow, Onalaska

Son to Emily (Brandau) and Daniel Moldenhauer, La Crosse

DEC. 2

Son to Trista Berzinski, Melrose

Daughter to Danielle (Witt) and Harley Heinrichs, Trempealeau

Daughter to Jennifer (Pronschinske) and Johnathan Kendhammer, Holmen

DEC. 3

Son to Nicole (Crouse) and Michael Edmond, Sparta

Daughter to Olivia (Crook) and Ryan Kennedy, La Crosse

DEC. 5

Daughter to Shayna (Strand) and Maxwell Campbell, Calmar, Iowa

DEC. 6

Daughter to Tisha Sannes and Zac McCann, La Crescent

DEC. 7

Daughter to Christina Tanner and Luke Sass, La Crescent

DEC. 8

Daughter to Carley (Weaver) and Josh Kenworthy, La Crosse

DEC. 9

Daughter to Sarah Jilk-Thompson and Harley Thompson, Houston

DEC. 10

Daughter to Charissa (Wiemann) and Nicholas Jakusz, Winona

Son to Tarah (Schabel) and Jon Wenger, Onalaska

Daughter to Hailey Ammar and Kyle Gagnon, La Crosse

DEC. 11

Son to Ehlonna Mills and Jeremy Jerrett, Gays Mills

Daughter to Eidy Gonzalez and Joel Feria Ortiz, Blair

Daughter to Katie Gauthier and Thomas Kottke, Onalaska

Son to Kimberly (Diderrich) and Justin Walsh, Onalaska

Son to Lynn (Loughan) and Andrew Walker, La Crosse

DEC. 12

Daughter to Audrey (Reigel) and Michael Bradfish, Bangor

Daughter to Jan May and Adam Weed, Viola

DEC. 13

Daughter to Lynseigh (Schultz) and Mark Challet, Bangor

DEC. 14

Son to Maricella Cook and Andrew Maniscalco, Black River Falls

Son to Becky (Indahl) and Sean Johnson, West Salem

Son to Karen (Davis) and Silas Schmitzer, Stoddard

Daughter to Brenda Sis Pablo and Marvin Mejia Lopez, Postville, Iowa

Daughter to Mary Elmore, La Crosse

DEC. 15

Son to Nicole Jambois and Isaiah Emler, La Crosse

Daughter to Katy (Gallenberg) and Jeremy Weber, West Salem

Daughter to Amber (Kalina) and Craig Linenberg, Tomah

Son to Jennifer (Erickson) and Jason Klingeman, Waukon

Daughter to Jordan Merfeld and Shay Benedict, Onalaska

Daughter to Christine Korish, Holmen

Mayo Clinic Health

System in La Crosse

DEC. 13

Son to Tyler Henry and Danielle Pruett, La Crosse

DEC. 14

Daughter to Kyle C. Harvey and Katelyn J. Mittan, Onalaska

DEC. 16

Son to Tyler and Britny Weiker, La Crosse

DEC. 18

Daughter to Christa Urbick and Jason Woychik, Galesville

Son to Rachel and Cody Olsen, Arcadia

DEC. 19

Son to Justin and Jennifer Stettler, Onalaska

DEC. 20

Son to Payton Wolf, La Crosse

Son to Devan and Elizabeth Johnson, Onalaska

Tomah Memorial


DEC. 14

Daughter to Nan Zheng and Jingjing Xu, Tomah

DEC. 15

Son to Mathew and Susanne Weber, Tomah

DEC. 16

Daughter to Chris and Samantha Larson, Warrens


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