Gundersen Health

JAN. 16

Daughter to Kelly and Lorenzo Nickelotti, Coon Valley

Son to Sara (Jensen) and Timothy Griffin, West Salem

Daughter to Laura (Losinski) Rodriguez and Ruben Rodriguez Medina, Arcadia

Son to Toni (Luxton) and Timothy Ross, Norwalk

Son to RoseannaLee Yohe and Daniel Bassett, Caledonia

Son to Brittinie (Miller) and Josiah Petersen, West Salem

JAN. 17

Son to Lindsey (Brommer) and Jeffrey Tillema, Holmen

JAN. 19

Son to Megan (Riley) and Forest Brody, Onalaska

Daughter to Heather (Reynolds) and Phil Loehmer, Holmen

JAN. 20

Son to Jessica (Michalke) and Tyler Stoeffler, La Crescent

Son to Jessica (Schmidt) and Andy McIlvaine, La Crosse

JAN. 22

Son to Courtney Elliott and Davey Pennel, Sparta

JAN. 23

Daughter to Sara (Bernier) Jaderston, Melrose

Daughter to Beth Krage and Matthew Tewes, Caledonia

JAN. 24

Daughter to Dacia (Welsh) and Jason Sommer, Waukon

Son to Shyanna Bankston and Davonte West, La Crosse

JAN. 25

Son to Kayla (Elliott) and Heath Zink, Stoddard

Son to Maureen (Ruka) and Jordan Ouellette, Holmen

Daughter to Brittany (Bakewell) and Stephen Darling, Lansing

Son to Elizabeth (Rendler) and Mark Ringstrom, La Crosse

Daughter to Nicole (Greeno) and Eric Hurtz, Onalaska

JAN. 26

Son to Georgina Smith and Lucas Smith, Fountain City

Son to Cassidy Erickson, La Crosse

Son to Alexis Brott and Brian Dummer, Holmen

Son to Megan (Turner) and Jeremy Moritz, Trempealeau

Daughter to Amanda (Wynne) and Duke Oertel, La Crosse

JAN. 27

Daughter to Samantha Jones and Jason Pralle, Holmen

Son to Katherine (Gettler) and Craig Theede, Grand Forks, N.D.

Daughter to Christine Bayer, West Salem

JAN. 28

Son to Melissa (Becker) and Blaine Powers,Sparta

JAN. 30

Son to Danya (Klages-Mundt) and Carlos Espinosa, Winona

Son to Joy (Jacobs) and Nathaniel Tabbert, Ettrick

Daughter to Michelle (Reeg) and Jay Pendleton, Monona, Iowa

Son to Ashley (Gulbronson) and Kenneth Gerdes, Melrose

JAN. 31

Son to BriAnne and David Rotering, Independence

Daughter to Kelly Ladd and Gary Brent, La Crosse

Tomah Memorial

JAN. 31

Daughter to Allison Lawrence and Joseph Ritchie, New Lisbon

FEB. 2

Daughter to Tonya and Jesse Smith, Sparta

FEB. 5

Son to Tricia Exline and Kyle Walls, Tomah


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