Health System

SEPT. 16

Daughter to Holly and Ryan Huseboe, Galesville

Son to Lily Frederick and Dan Davenport, West Salem

Son to Stacie (Elliott) and Derrick Mashak, Rockland

Daughter to Brittney (Gabrielson) and Joshuah Swenson, Stoddard

Daughter to Kaylynn (Dickenson) and Benjamin Friend, Sparta

Son to Lindsey (Lampert) and Jakob Martell, Hokah

Daughter to Shannon Corcoran and Ryan Stinson, Dakota

SEPT. 17

Son to Danielle Rehberg and Markus Schumacher, La Crosse

Son to Jennifer Docktor and Benjamin Anderson, Houston

Son to Ashley Kurth and Daniel Gulbranson, Whitehall

SEPT. 18

Daughter to Emmy (Breuer) and Robert Wallace, Onalaska

SEPT. 19

Daughter to Carrie (McDougall) and Haakon Folkedahl, Galesville

Son to Holly (Blanchette) and Kevin Glanville, Holmen

Son to Danielle (Pearson) and John Bulawa, Winona

SEPT. 20

Daughter to Nicole Schmitz and Chad Tripp, La Crosse

Son to Teri (Snodgrass) and Adrian Fuentes, Genoa

SEPT. 21

Son to Caitlin (Bracken) and Kyle Mosel, Onalaska

Daughter to Holly (Johnson) and Joseph Cichacki, Onalaska

SEPT. 22

Son to Rachel (Oppriecht) and Joshua DeFlorian, Stoddard

Daughter to Danielle Wike and Charlie Horstman, Rockland

Son to Emily (Shuda) and Kurt Pfaff, Onalaska

Daughter to Jenny Chvala, La Crosse

SEPT. 23

Son to Katy Thomae-Wiese (Thomae) and John Wiese, Holmen

SEPT. 24

Son to Lori Weinberg and Herb Moore, Onalaska

Son to Lynn (Hemmersbach) and Nathan Isensee, Cashton

Son to Jenny (Delo) and Michael Brueske Jr., La Crosse

SEPT. 25

Daughter to Elise Smith and John Sisler, Holmen

Son to Kaitlyn Kreibich and Cale Oelfke, La Crosse

Son to Justine (Williams) and David Vanderzee, Dakota

Daughter to Candice (Apfel) and Michael Greeno, La Crosse

SEPT. 26

Son to Brittany (Hundorf) and Augustes Kropidlowski, Winona

SEPT. 27

Son to Brooke Torgerson and Rex Davis, Winona

Son to Carrie (Housker) and Dan Schansberg, Caledonia

Son to Katie Thompson and Mark Figueroa, Spring Grove

SEPT. 28

Son to Emily (Bissing-Olson) and Joshua Post, La Crosse

SEPT. 29

Son to Amanda Stellflue and John Harter, Onalaska

Son to Emily (Head) and Michael Bowman, Stoddard

Son to Bernadette Ina Mande and Banze Wa Kiluba, Stoddard

Twin sons to Brooke (Thiede) and Dan Mlsna, Rushford

Daughter to Jamie Bartlett and Justin Ikert, Bangor

Daughter to Kimberly Janzen (Jensen), Sparta

Mayo Clinic Health

System in La Crosse

SEPT. 28

Son to Eric and Kari Kellogg, Winona

Son to Michael Kuklinski and Keri Farrish, La Crosse

Daughter to Dylon and Danielle Erickson, Caledonia

SEPT. 29

Son to Kevin and Emily Taylor, Bangor

Son to Rachel Maciejczak and Joseph Rezin, Warrens

Son to Justin and Ashley Boldt, Houston

SEPT. 30

Daughter to Andy and Beth Thomes, La Crosse

Daughter to Matthew and Carrie Doelle, Fountain City

OCT. 1

Son to Jonathan Philavanh and Jessica Bergh, Onalaska

Son to Abby Miller and Sam Naas, Holmen

OCT. 2

Son to Levi Adank and Alexis Heighway, Holmen

OCT. 3

Son to Kristin and Ben Jostad, Mindoro

Son to Amanda Winters and Lloyd Stegen, Decorah

Daughter to Steven and Jessica Blankenship, Holmen

Daughter to Darrell and Brenda Smith, West Salem

OCT. 4

Son to Teresa Acevedo and Anthony Jones, La Crosse


Memorial Hospital

SEPT. 26

Daughter to Allyson and Brett Olson, Sparta

SEPT. 27

Daughter to Dustin and Keyara Peterson, Camp Douglas

Son to Jason Schiller and Nicole Anderson, Hillsboro

Daughter to Natasha Boron, Canton, Ohio

SEPT. 29

Son to Ashley and Cody Giesecke, Tomah

SEPT. 30

Son to Morgan Harris and Wesley Sutherland, Sparta

OCT. 3

Daughter to Timothy Ornes and Samantha Cushman, Norwalk

Son to Justine Miller and Austin Richer, Camp Douglas


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