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Hoffman Construction Co. of Black River Falls is one of 28 subcontractors chosen for site development of a the Foxconn electronics plant in southeastern Wisconsin.

The contract award was announced Monday by M+W Gilbane, a joint venture of two firms handling construction management for the $5 billion project. Gov. Scott Walker made a stop in Black River Falls Monday to make his own announcement.

Previously awarded a $12.7 million contract from the state Department of Transportation to build a new frontage road along Interstate 94 to handle traffic at the campus, Hoffman will handle excavation, stormwater management and erosion control, while preparing the 1,000-acre site for a 20-million square-foot factory.

The 91-year-old family business is the only western Wisconsin subcontractor chosen for the first round of work.

The value of the Hoffman contract was not disclosed, but the project managers say the first round of contracts are worth a total of about $100 million.

A Foxconn spokesman said Hoffman had about 30 pieces of equipment on site and would begin moving dirt Monday. They are planning to have 200 pieces of equipment at the site by the end of May, and excavation work will continue through 2019.

The state Legislature last year approved about $3 billion in tax breaks to lure the Taiwanese manufacturer, although the total cost to taxpayers is expected to be closer to $4.5 billion, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

As part of the deal, Foxconn committed to awarding 60 percent of its construction contracts to Wisconsin-based businesses, and 10 percent to those owned by women, people of color and veterans, though Ware said there is no financial incentive to hitting those targets.

The left-wing organization One Wisconsin Now claimed Monday that owners and families behind four of the 28 companies awarded Foxconn contracts have given at least $359,000 to Walker’s campaign.

Hoffman Construction owner James Hoffman and four employees have donated $9,459 to Walker’s campaign since 2010, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. Hoffman was openly critical of Walker and Republican lawmakers in 2015 over right-to-work legislation.

Note: This story has been updated to correct the amount of campaign contributions from Hoffman Construction owners and employees. 

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But Redwall will continue to read the paper he hates so much because he's a glutton for self punishment.


Too bad the Fibune couldn't just congratulate Hoffman for the jobs created and leave it at that.

Instead, the Fibune has to lend its usual bias and turn this into a political article making inferences about the conduct of business.

The Fibune then compounds the error by not mentioning the contributions the Hoffmans have also made to Democrats Ron Kind, Tammie Baldwin and others.

Why, the Fibune goes all the way back to 2010 contributions by the Hoffmans to Walker, but then omits the fact that the Hoffmans also in 2010 contributed to Walkers adversary, Dem Tom Barrett.

Bias? Dishonest? Fake News?

It took me less than five minutes to research this.


I hope they have their money upfront. Boondoggles like this tend to bankrupt contractors. Not paying for development bills is the tRumpian way; shaft the people that build it for you and settle for pennies on the dollar.

you think you know

The company that went to Minnesota because they didn't like Walker, just scored a huge contract because of Walker. Happy for the employees and the revenue for the state.

Dave from Wisc

I have no problem with a principled liberal. But this company reminds me a bit of global warming preachers who fly by private jet. (for the record, I've met the retired CEO of Hoffman and he's a great guy). And the whole anti-Walker "move to Minnesota" thing....I think was a bad marketing ploy. They probably thought they could snare some Minnesota contracts given out by Minnesota Democrats.

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