The National Child Protection Training Center announced Wednesday that it will become a part of the Gundersen Lutheran health network, in the center's latest effort to expand its work both regionally and across the country.

The partnership was announced at Maxwell Hall on the Winona State University campus, where the center is headquartered, and featured several speakers including WSU president Scott Olson and Gundersen CEO Jeffrey Thompson. Thompson, a pediatrician, spoke about the heartache he felt while examining young patients who were suspected victims of child abuse.

Center executive director Victor Vieth spoke about the opportunities the partnership will provide for training health-care personnel at all levels to recognize the signs of child abuse.

The announcement likely won't mean any fundamental changes for WSU's involvement with the center. While the center is housed at WSU, it remains independent from the university.

The announcement comes on the heels of a proposal U.S. Rep. Tim Walz D-Minn. and U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar D-Minn. introduced in Congress that would give the center resources to replicate its program at other universities across the country, from providing training to law enforcement to integrating its training with undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

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Seriously Now
Seriously Now

I've been wrongly accussed a lot. One guy at work thought I took the last candy bar from the vending machine and he accussed quite a bit about it. I have a jar and every time I realize that I have accussed, I put a dollar in it. when I get enough money, I'm gonna take a class about how to use a spell-checker.


Even though I know it is all in good intent, I think this creates some serious problems.

1) Every scrape and bruise will be under a magnifying glass and people wrongly accussed.
2) Fear of being wrongly accussed will keep children from seeking and getting proper treatement.

These are real fears of what such a partnership could do. Hyperboil the situation.
No one wants kids to be abused in any way shape or form.
But to do something like this creates a Bureaucracy and Bureaucrcies want to see results. Even sometimes when they are not there.
Someone is paying from somewhere and they expect results of such a partnership or funding runs dry.
LaCrosse, Winona area may not become the best place to raise kids right now.

The first thing they do is when abuse is suspected is take the kids without the parents knowledge and take them to the hospital and strip them and photograph them.
All before any aqusations are even filed.

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