Prosecutors filed felony charges Thursday against five people after police found $57,000 worth of drugs in a house across the street from Northside Elementary.

The case unfolded when La Crosse police identified Dai’Twon Cowson, 20, of Toledo, Ohio, as a suspect in a Jan. 11 apartment entry on North 11th Street, according to the complaint filed in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

Cowson told police that he drove a friend to the building, where that man stole electronics and a credit card that were hauled to Jesse Stringer’s house at 1018 Gillette St.

Police searched the house Jan. 12, where three of the men arrested told police they were visiting to make music.

Inside the house Stringer and Gwenee Lawson share with their daughter, police found a loaded handgun, stolen electronics and 336 grams of Ecstasy, 137 grams of cocaine, 37 grams of crack cocaine, 26 grams of marijuana, 10 grams of heroin and 3 grams of fentanyl, according to police.

Prosecutors charged Stringer and Lawson, both 30, with delivery of designer drugs and possession with intent to deliver cocaine, heroin, narcotics, THC and possession of drug paraphernalia, all as party to the crime. Stringer also is charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and receiving stolen property and Lawson with maintaining a drug trafficking place, all as party to the crime.

Lennell Davis Jr., 28, of Chicago, Debrian Hayes, 22, of 1820 Wood St., No. 2, and Jerrad Simms, 32, of Harvey, Ill., all are charged with delivery of designer drugs and possession with intent to deliver heroin, cocaine, narcotics and THC and possession of drug paraphernalia, all as party to the crime.

They return to court next week.

Cowson, who was arrested for receiving stolen property and fraudulent use of a credit card, is due in court on Wednesday.

Hayes and Stringer have felony convictions for possession with intent to deliver cocaine. Simms, Davis, Cowson and Lawson have no criminal record in Wisconsin.


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Proud LAX Dem

According to Wisconsin Public Radio, this is all caused by white supremacy.


Looks like all of Obama's children found jobs.

Tea Ball

So Ramona Gonzales let some of these thugs out on signature bonds and some on $2500 bonds? Which ones did she hug?

Gonzales also drove a drunk driver friend away from the scene of an accident and got stopped by LAXPD in an alley. How in the world did this affirmative action case become a judge?


The sharpest tools in the shed

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