A father on Thursday admitted that he neglected his 3-year-old daughter until her death in 2014.

Dylan Bartsh

D. Bartsh

Audryna Grace Bartsh

The death of 3-year-old Audryna Bartsh in October 2014 was ruled a homicide. Her father and his girlfriend were charged in February 2015 in her death.

Dylan Bartsh, 33, now of Winona, Minn., pleaded no contest to party to the crime child neglect resulting in death, while a charge of physical abuse of a child as party to the crime was dismissed but will be considered by the judge during his March 21 sentencing in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

Audryna Bartsh, of Holmen, died at a hospital on Oct. 28, 2014, after a seizure three days earlier, when doctors discovered she was emaciated with bruises, scratches and scarring on her face and body, according to the criminal complaint.

Dane County Medical Examiner Vincent Tranchida ruled Audryna’s death a homicide and during an autopsy discovered 22 scrapes and 28 bruises on the toddler’s head, including a black eye, as well as a torn lip and bleeding in her brain.

Audryna had 70 scars on her neck consistent with an adult fingernail. Abrasions, bite marks and 17 injuries consistent with being struck with a wire hanger covered her body.

The child also was dehydrated and emaciated, with cracked lips, sunken ribs and protruding hipbones.

Audryna’s sodium level reached 206 — the normal range is 136 to 146 — and Tranchida could not rule out she was forced to ingest table salt.

Jaymie Rundle


Circuit Judge Elliott Levine in August sentenced Bartsch’s girlfriend at the time, Jaymie Rundle, to eight months on electronic monitoring after Bartsh emerged as the one responsible for his daughter’s neglect and abuse.

Bartsh and Rundle, then of Holmen, took custody of his daughter in May 2013 from her biological mother.

Bartsh told investigators that his daughter’s life was a “challenge” and that she stopped eating two weeks before her death, according to the complaint.

He also told police he had “checked out” of caring for Audryna and considered her Rundle’s responsibility, according to testimony. He said he spanked the toddler after he noticed she was thin but did not seek medical care because he was frightened police would investigate her physical injuries.

The couple’s other children reported Bartsh and Rundle forced Audryna into timeouts in the shower and spanked the child with a fly swatter, the complaint stated. Bartsh’s mother, who wasn’t allowed to visit her grandchild, told police Audryna was put on timeout for 10 hours.


Police and courts reporter

Anne Jungen covers law enforcement and the criminal justice system in La Crosse County. She joined the Tribune reporting staff in December 2005. You can contact her directly at ajungen@lacrossetribune.com or 608-791-8224.

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I don’t want to fund these animals for the rest of their lives. Put them down.


Lock him up like Manson. The bloodlust exhibited here is disturbing.


A bullet it to good for these monsters. nothing short of torture is right for this crime! Razor cuts in there eyes, pull out there fingernails. Feed them to a lion after your done with them. Hope you have fun in prison with your charges!


That's right, lower yourself to his level. That'll help stop cruelty.

You don't know me

Is anyone else wondering about the other kids in the home? Where did they end up? Did they go right back to this girlfriend who may have been their mom and should they be? What about the mom of this child where was she? The grand parents who weren’t allowed to see her but knew she was put in a timeout for 10 hours? Really that doesn’t make sense!! The other children knew things and did anyone check to see if they were coached not to say anything to anyone by either parent? Those other poor kids had to watch as there friend/sister slowly was bused n died, forced fed, and treated horribly. Those kid need massive counseling to unwash their brains that this behavior is not ok and telling someone that they don’t feel safe to tell what’s happening at home! This poor 3 year old sweet girl Nd these people didn’t have neighbors, friends or family -around... their other children couldn’t have had friends around? What about physicians or their other children’s teachers... someone along the way should have asked did a welfare check on them!!! PLEASE SPEAK UP ID RATHER IT BE NOTHING THEN IT BE THIS! So many Impatient parents on drugs and so many auto pilot people who won’t take time out of their day to report something suspicious


Omggggg, I seriously just threw up in my mouth. That dirty, disgusting witch was ALREADY sentenced, and to a pathetic, 8 MONTHS ON AN ANKLE BRACELET????????? All because loser boy "dad" "stepped up" to take the blame?? Soooo, she literally got away with murder. Murder of a beautiful, precious, innocent angel that no doubt that wicked witch wanted no part of another females child. Yet she got away with 8 months on a simple, bracelet????? If anyone on gods green earth stood by for one, just oneeee even, of the scratches, bruises, starvation, ANY OF IT, That piece of trash is as guilty as the one who did it. My GOD what is wrong with our system to allow that b*tch to walk away from the despicable things she did to that child and allowed it to be done!?!?. Im emailing as high up as this goes, to get Elliot Levine in the hot seat for this. He should be disgustedddd with himself!!!!! Maybe he would like to hire her as a nanny for his kids now too?? Im sooo not letting this one go!!!!! Our system sucks!!!!!!!!

El Duderino

This innocent, beautiful baby girl was tortured, nothing less. It’s hard to even grasp the level of evil she endured...

These two are going to BURN IN HELL for eternity!

Just what the f$&@?


This little girl went through hell, betrayed by those she trusted to love and care for her.
Did this happen in some distant or isolated place where nobody knew of the torture and abuse inflicted upon her? Can it be claimed that nobody suspected that something was wrong, tragically wrong? No, too many people are complicit in one degree or another in this crime--those who suspected things were not right, those who had a bad feeling about it, those who saw the girl and wondered what happened but none spoke up, nobody called anyone to report what they suspected. Evil prospers when good people remain silent, when people tell themselves it's not their problem--somebody else will do something.
But this atrocity happened in our community and there's no reason to believe it is right now going on somewhere else here. If anybody sees or suspects something is wrong like this they need to speak up, to call somebody who can check it out. Don't in hindsight say, "I thought something was not right there" because you just might save another child, another victim from going through the torture and hell this little girl endured.


Amen. And if some people did know about the situation and did nothing, they are also accomplices to her murder.


Being a believer in non-violence and a passivist. I will try to put this in a political correct manner. These too should have a .45 Cal. bullet put right between their eyes. They should not be allowed to walk this earth ever again. Monsters!


I share your reaction, only I think the father should be castrated first with no pain killers or bandages given to him, then let him sit on the ice on Lake Onalaska for a week, and then put those bullets through both of their heads. How can ANY human being look at a 3 year old like this and cut her, starve her, and confine her to the shower for 10 hours? These pieces of s**t must have gone to the same parenting classes as the Turpin couple in California. And yes, 8 months for what the step mother did is a sad, horrible joke. She's an accomplice to a murder, folks. Eight months? Incredible. Even if she was afraid of this a$$hole, she could have called the police anonymously. Unbelievable.


This joker doesn’t deserve to be able to breathe.


Both these monsters should be sentenced to death...its too bad WI got away from that. My hope is they go to prison for the rest of their lives,,,,no parole.

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