Reckless endangerment charges are pending against a Holmen man accused of firing a gun during an altercation early Tuesday at a restaurant in the town of Onalaska, according to the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities arrested Alexander Pollack, 32, with a .45-caliber handgun and ammunition in his car after a report of shots fired at Angry’s Way Out, N5914 Hwy. ZZ, about 12:45 a.m.

No one was injured.

Pollack faces charges of recklessly endangering safety, endangering safety with use of a dangerous weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a handgun where alcohol is served, second-offense drunken driving, disorderly conduct while armed and possession of marijuana when he appears Wednesday in La Crosse County Circuit Court.


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Although I would have loved to directly reply to one of you inbeciles comments, I would be here for days getting to each of them....since when does the news ever tell a full story? Correct. It doesn't. This man just so happens to be one of my very longest and very best friends.....even when I am mad at him he ALWAYS (not 'when he can't not 'when I'm right' not 'when it's convenient' not 'when there's no risk to him'....but ALWAYS has got my back. He has bent over far beyond backwards for me and many others as well. He is a very hard-working helpful and loving man and he also fought in the Marines for this country you are all so happy to live in and have these rights before you pass judgement make sure your own hands are perfectly clean.....also he was only even involved in this 'altercation' to BREAK IT UP BETWEEN TWO OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE OF COURSE LEFT UNMENTIONED!! That was his only check your facts. Ignorance is not bliss. Just PSA for you who believe everything the internet has to tell. And coreygouche2core.....he still has his teeth thanks.


I hope he goes to prison for a long forever. He looks scary!!!


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Brice Prairie

Do a search on his priors and one can see this guy has issues.
If he bought the hand gun through a FFL and truthfully answered Question 11 sub part E on the ATF E-form 4473 he would not have been cleared for purchase. One wonders if any thing was even submitted to NICS.

Support The 2nd

This has nothing to do with concealed carry. The fact that he is charged with having a firearm in a place where alcohol is served shows he does not have a CC license.

Not a "good guy with a gun" here either, again: He doesn't have the CC license, knew it, was breaking existing laws, and didn't care.

So, this guy is just a criminal and should be prosecuted as such.


It is the price we pay for freedom.


Another "fine person" and a "good guy with a gun" I'm sure.

Support The 2nd

Nope, a criminal and he will be prosecuted as such.


So was this a good guy with a gun until he shot at a restaurant?


To clarify, a good guy with a gun, does the right thing and protects people.

A bad guy with a gun is shooting at people or endangering them.

This guy may have had the best of intentions when getting a carry license, but as you can see, the law works when they break bad. If you really can't tell a good guy vs a bad guy, you should never leave your house.

Support The 2nd

He did have any good intentions. He didn't have a CC license. He violated several laws prior to actually discharging the firearm. He had nefarious intent to begin with. This guy was a bad guy from the beginning.

Support The 2nd

Nope, he is/was a criminal long before he took the gun out of his pocket/coat/car/whatever.


That was definitely an "Angry Way Out" of the place -- good job.


As Oprah would say, “Everybody gets a gun.” When will the insanity stop? Why the fascination with guns?


The gun didn't get arrested.


You turn to Oprah for intelligence, need I say more? Wouldn't want to insult you .


Whats the fascination of guns? Ummm, it's our culture, if you don't like it, Canada is a matter of hours away. How boot that :)

We did not have summits with the Brits, we SHOT THEM. Understand your history and our foundation.


Wow. You are a great spokesman for sanity and clarity, not to mention deep. nasty hostility, Abe. It is SO comforting to think that you are walking among us, possibly legally carrying a firearm. The NRA could hire you as a poster boy.

Brice Prairie

The encroachment of urbanites is degrading our backyard!!!
Angry's Way Out, odd name for a place. One would think the owners would have done a little research on the type of customers in the area, we are not angry, we just don't like city folk. Maybe call the place the Chute or The Refuge Bar and Grill. Having a 5am breakfast during hunting season might help keep the doors open this time around.


Agreed, the prairie has changed to the point where it's just not the same. I wanted to live here and raise my kids but it's becoming just like the rest of the area. Dynamic expansion, more subdivisions, etc. Sad.


Used to know this moron. I wonder if his teeth have fallen out yet.


You're an absolute moron[censored][offtopic]



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