Paul Weber

A La Crosse man found guilty of causing a bomb scare is banned from the post office under stipulations a judge handed down Monday in granting him a conditional release.

Paul Weber, 49, was found guilty on July 10 after he entered an insanity plea.

He walked into the La Crosse post office Aug. 31, 2011, and demanded to speak to an Internal Revenue Service agent or he would “blow this place up.”

La Crosse County Circuit Judge Todd Bjerke listed more than a dozen restrictions in connection with the conditional release, which is similar to probation.

They include being banned from any contact with the IRS and several individuals, as well as being prohibited from entering the post office or U.S. Rep. Ron Kind’s office.

After making threats at the post office, Weber went to Kind’s local headquarters on Fifth Avenue, where he yelled and demanded to see the congressman.

When one of Kind’s staffers blocked Weber and pushed him out the door, he threatened that they were all “gonners,” according to the criminal complaint.

The disorderly conduct charge was dismissed at the same hearing where he was found guilty of the bomb scare.

At that hearing, Weber said, “There wasn’t any explosives. I want that to be clear.”

Other conditions Bjerke ordered in Weber’s sentence include that he continue to live independently in his La Crosse residence or report any address change to the court, meet regularly with a mental health therapist, take all medications prescribed in connection with that therapy, cooperate with vocational treatment and submit to random drug testing. In addition, the judge prohibited Walker from buying or possessing alcohol or drugs, taking unauthorized prescriptions and buying or owning a firearm.

The conditions are in effect through May 6.


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