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A father and son from the town of Onalaska could face homicide charges in connection with the overdose of a 33-year-old woman Thursday.

According to reports, police and first responders were called to N5880 E. Lakeview Court around 9:45 a.m. Wednesday for a suspected heroin overdose. They found Shawn Docken performing CPR on his wife, Jessica Docken, who was not breathing.

Shawn Docken

Shawn Docken

Mathew Docken

Mathew Docken

Jessica Docken was taken to Gundersen Medical Center in La Crosse, where she died the next day.

Shawn Docken, 54, told sheriff’s deputies he and Jessica snorted heroin around 7 a.m. after he got home from working the night shift at City Brewing Co. According to police reports, he said his son, Mathew Docken, found Jessica slumped over in a bedroom and said, “Dad, you might want to check on your wife.” Docken told investigators he gave Jessica a shot of Narcan, an opioid antidote.

Shawn Docken told investigators he’d been using heroin for about four years and that he’d gotten an OWI on Monday because of his drug use; he told police his son had handed him a plate with the heroin that he and Jessica snorted and that he had loaned his son money to buy drugs.

Mattew Docken, 28, would not tell investigators who his dealer was, according to the reports.

Investigators searched the home and found traces of heroin and cocaine as well as marijuana and edible cannabis, according to reports.

Shawn and Mathew Docken were arrested on suspicion of delivery of heroin and remained jailed Friday on $1,000 cash bonds.

Assistant District Attorney Sue Donskey said prosecutors intend to charge each with reckless homicide pending results of an autopsy that is scheduled for Monday.



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So true Bichon. We are supposed to be a country based on individual freedom. Was she forced to do heroin? It makes no sense to punish anyone. The ultimate consequences already occurred. Where is personal responsibility? UC- haha you don't have a law degree? I would have never guessed by your hang em high low iq rabble rousing.


If your going to charge them with homicide why aren't bartenders held to the same standards? They give you a drink, don't force you to drink it, but you get in an accident, isnt that the same as a drug being on a plate??

union conservative

$1000 cash bond is all Jessica Docken is worth in LaCrosse County Court. No way that is Sad! Imagine these providers getting out and giving heroin to your daughter or son after posting $1000 cash. Oh and don’t forget the “comply with Justice support services” condition of bond. I’m sure someone will find evidence that these people can be cured of providing drugs to people through treatment or a “coping skills program.” Until we start locking people up for a long time these type of homocides are going to continue.

Buena Vista

ummmm...Hell? Union conservative'? What these two guys did was a mistake. They don't deserve any more than the $1000 bond they were given. - I personally feel I've done worse than these two guys and I walked out on a signature bond. - Chill. Not every case warrants the death penalty.


Bond is not the punishment. Bond is set to ensure that the defendant attend his future court appearances. Don't confuse bond with sentence.

union conservative

WHat you said is exactly true. However, what drug deal can’t afford to loose $1000 to the court? How bout we hold these people in jail on a high cash bond so one they are surely at their next court appearance and two so they don’t hurt someone else. I know it’s hard to comprehend, especially in LaCrosse, but it could be done. The biggest issue is no one runs against these judges on election years so they do what they want. I know I should run but I don’t have a law degree nor do I want to fill up the jail and cost the taxpayers million s for an addition.

Barcelona Bob

So sad....

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