Prosecutors Wednesday charged an Onalaska woman with sending nude photographs of other people to a 13-year-old boy.

Kimberly Walsh


Kimberly Walsh, 36, pleaded not guilty to exposing a child to harmful material, conduct that her attorney called “a joke.”

“It was a bad joke,” attorney Chris Doerfler said.

The teen said he received five explicit images from Walsh since May through Facebook Messenger, according to the complaint filed in La Crosse County Circuit Court. He told police he deleted the images.

Officers found one video on his phone of two nude transgender people sent from Walsh on Oct. 30.

Walsh initially denied sending the images, but later said she was “trying to be funny,” the complaint stated. Police found two images of nude women sent to the boy on her phone on Jan. 6.

“Kimberly told me that she recognizes that this is wrong to send to a 13-year-old,” the officer wrote in his report.


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David Jarzemski

Sounds like a 13 year old boy's fantasy come to life...boy have things changed since I was that age...


Yea, but you never do. Back to advertising your practically extinct forum again I see. AND, using your real name! How about that?! You'll make several posters on here really happy. You really should own up to all the other names you have been using though. Be honest!


Man all of you guys should shut your mouth up. Stop making her look bad. No one us perfect here. Would if you were her and you had that much disrespect. NO ONE IS PERFECT. It's not like you haven't made 1 mistake in your life

Judgemental 1s

Like how people jump to conclusions when they don't have the full story.

Packers Girl

[sad] How very disgusting!!! [angry]

ida tarbell

Who'd've known? She looks like a Mona Lisa who lost her smile. Et ne nos in ducas in tentationum!


Oh boy I bet Ramona can't wait to get this one! She will just give a slap on the hand and tell her no no...when she should actually get a little jail or maybe prison time.


Elsewhere you were advocating summary execution in prison, Bee. With your lack of any grasp on legal matters, perhaps you should just shut up.


At first I thought she sent nude photos of herself. Now THAT would have been a crime.


I think that I would have been ready to barf, had that happened.


Your meaness and bullying don't speak highly of you.


Obviously no sense of humor, irony, or grammar.


Must be a family member of hers. Please don't tell me that you condone her actions.


Man shut your mouth


That's great that a 36 year old would recognize that it was wrong but the damage is already done. You didn't know it was wrong before you were caught or you chose to do it anyway? I already know the answer but now you have to answer with consequences. If it was the other way around, where the 13 year old was sending her the messages, that would definitely be different and considered a mistake by the young lad, but at 36 years old, that is a choice. I am sure she will get a slap on the wrist because she admitted it was wrong and promises it won't happen again.

Tim Russell

Clearly she has some mental health issues. We might want to try to correct that before sending her to prison for her crimes.


Damage? Seriously? While it is totally inappropriate, my guess is that by age 13 this kid has seen more nude imagery on the Internet than the 36-year-old.


If this would have went further than just nude pictures, would you be ok with that too? If someone was sending your 13 year old nude photos, I am assuming that you would be ok with that as well? I have a 13 year old and I would be livid!! Why you ask? Because it is illegal and 13 years old is a child. Whether they see nude photos on the internet or not, it is ILLEGAL, not to mention disgusting an Immoral!!!


I said it was completely inappropriate. I also said that most 13 year olds have probably seen much more graphic sexual material on the Internet. If you don't think that's true, I suggest you pull your head from the sand.

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