The Internet gods have spoken, and the latest viral video sensation is a mystery drummer from La Crosse.

She’s old, she’s adorable, and she shreds like Lars Ulrich. With her fluffy white hair and spectacles, this little old lady looks like she could be your grandma. But get a pair of drumsticks in her hand, and she becomes a rock star.

She has been coming into Coalition Drum Shop, 215 State St., once every few months since the store opened last year, said store manager Dustin Hackworth.

“We don’t know anything about her, except that her name is Mary. She comes in, plays ‘Wipe Out’ for about 10 minutes and leaves,” he said. “She’s awesome.”

On Thursday, drum shop employees posted a YouTube video of Mary drumming, and it became an overnight viral sensation, with more than 100,000 views as of 6 p.m. Friday.

Hackworth fielded dozens of calls Friday from news and entertainment outlets — ranging from “The Steve Harvey Show” to CNN — all inquiring about the identity of the mystery drummer and requesting permission to share the clip.

The video has graced the pages of websites including BuzzFeed Video, Mashable, The Huffington Post and Yahoo News. It also has been shared by dozens of other sites across the nation.

“We hope the media attention will help us find her,” Hackworth said.

As of Friday evening, Coalition Drum Shop gained more than 100 “likes” on Facebook and more than 100 new subscribers to its YouTube channel.

“It’s crazy how much this is blowing up,” Hackworth said.

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Freaking way cool.


Don't tell, if you know who she is. It's more fun having a mystery drummer out there.

for real

Good lord! Its already been revealed on wkbt website....

ethans mom

I know who she is.


sorry but 300K views isnt really "blowing up" but whatever ya gotta tell yourselves to make news.

David Lee
David Lee

it's a million now

Queen of Sheba

She's a talented musician, for sure, and I love watching this. But is she really a grandmother? And is that somehow even faintly related to her drumming? If she were an elderly man, would we call her the "drumming grandpa"?


It is really not that hard to figure it out QOS. Can you even name 5 female drummers amateur or professional? Much less an elderly one? And yes, if she were an elderly man, we would call her the "drumming grandpa". Try not to think too hard or make it into something it isn't.....


It's grace slick

David Lee
David Lee

Super Cool. Go Granny


Well, we saw a collapsing granny a few minutes ago on WKBT News At Noon: as Cory Malles was doing his Weather Radio demo live on camera at the West Avenue Walgreens, an elderly woman waiting to be checked out tottered and collapsed. Instead of moving to help the collapsed granny, the cameraman chose instead to pan off her as Mr. Malles completed his weather radio spiel. Malles kept prattling on for about a minute after... while a woman was collapsed on the floor behind him. ???

Way not cool, WKBT News!

David Lee
David Lee

What has this to do with a nice ariticle about the drumming Granny?


Wow! You're just like the WKBT people! Pan away from what you don't want to see, focus instead on cutesy-wootsy stories about weather radios and drummin' grannies. Pan away, even while the story happens right before your eyes. I'll bet if you were in that Walgreens store, you'd have stepped over the collapsed woman on your way to the ice cream display!

I'll bet no local news outlet covers this fiasco: they all have each other's backs. You'd think that this story would show up here on the Tribune site by now too. You'd think that a collapsing granny would matter more than a cutesy-wootsy drumming one.

Bad call, Mr. Lee! Shame on you for being as cowardly as WKBT on this one!

Sick of cutesy-a$$ed stories.. can we get some real journalists here in town?

David Lee
David Lee

You have no idea do you? If it actually happened, perhaps they panned away while others were assisting her. There are many possibilities if it happened as to what the peoples response was. If she passed out, and was in line in Walgreens, you she would have been in an airconditioned building with many people especially in the pharmacy that were trained in emergency situations, but you don't know that do you. No to the real question, what does your idiotic posting have to do with the drumming granny? PS, people are sick of your cut and paste phony attempts to impress, it works exactly as well as pheasants.

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