Scott Walker

Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker asked federal disaster officials Friday to assess more than $12 million in recent flood damage in La Crosse and 10 other counties in western Wisconsin.

Walker requested the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assess flood damage to roads and bridges next week in Buffalo, La Crosse, Monroe, Trempealeau, Vernon, Crawford, Grant, Iowa, Lafayette and Richland counties.

“July was a tough month in Wisconsin with the widespread flooding across the state,” Walker said. “The flooding caused millions of dollars in damage to roads, bridges and other public infrastructure in western Wisconsin. I look forward to having FEMA in our state to assess damages as we look toward possibly requesting federal disaster assistance.”

The damage assessments are scheduled to begin Tuesday.

County damage assessments to homes and businesses in those counties showed seven homes destroyed, 32 homes sustained major damage, 114 with minor damage and 871 had other impact.

One business was destroyed, seven received major damage and 39 sustained minor damage.

Despite the damage, the state would not qualify for federal aid for individuals. State agencies and non-profit agencies are working to help those families.


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