Gundersen Health System and Tomah Memorial Hospital are two of the 23 Wisconsin hospitals and health systems that made the “most wired hospitals and health systems” list the Hospitals & Health Networks magazine.

Winona Health achieved the magazine’s “most improved” hospitals and health systems label.

The list recognizes U.S. hospitals and health organizations that excel at using information technology to improve performance in a number of areas, including quality and safety of patient care, according to the American Hospital Association and a healthcare security firm that conducted the 19th annual technology survey.

Survey results show that many hospitals and health systems have shifted their focus from acquisition of technology to integrating technology into their overall operations.

“Most Wired is not about having technology in place but utilizing it to provide a great experience for our patients,” said Rose Ann Laureto, Gundersen’s chief information officer.

Survey participants represent nearly 2,200 hospitals, which accounts for almost 40 percent of all hospitals in the nation. More information and full results are available on the Hospitals & Health Networks magazine website.


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