One woman made life a little easier for police Monday when she drove to the police station and turned her husband in for annoying her.

An officer was about to stop a black SUV near La Crosse and Seventh streets after noticing a burned out headlamp when the driver pulled into the parking lot outside La Crosse police headquarters.

She told the officer she had picked up her husband, Johnnie Bolds, on Island Street and wanted to drop him off because he was “talking stupidly” and swearing.

Bolds, 53, was arrested on a warrant from a felony drunken driving conviction. His wife received a warning for the headlight.

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lutefish, that was a stinky statement. How is it their fault that a man is talking stupid to his wife? She couldn't obviously afford his habit either, so does the STATE spend money to keep him out of society by constantly either jailing him, or tell me what the cure is for a man who has no respect? Poor wife! I wish more wives would deposit no return. uff da


Here is more Judge bashing from me...Johnnie...has had 4 DWIS in 4 yrs. He now lives in Lacrescent(hiding out of state to avoid the jail time?)
How can this guy be walking the streets?
Again...Whether you walk the streets or drive them..and ask what happpened to the beautiful coulee is your Judges and DAs that are littering the streets.

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