FILE -- Jackson County Sheriff's Department
Jackson County Chronicle

Jackson County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a suicidal man who fired a gun at them Wednesday evening, according to the department.

“He was confrontational with us to create a shootout,” Sheriff Duane Waldera said. “We haven’t had one [a shooting] in this situation where we had to engage a person like this and, unfortunately, it took its course.”

Deputies responded to repeated 911 calls by the man in a state forest in the town of Millston. He was suicidal and making threats against police and shot at deputies before they returned fire, according to the department.

Between seven and 10 deputies and officers were present during the incident, Waldera said.

The state’s Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation is investigating the shooting.

Jackson County deputies wear body cameras.

“It will be awhile before anything is released of that nature, and we will have to discuss that with the District Attorney’s Office as well,” Waldera said.

All deputies involved in the shooting were placed on paid administrative leave, standard protocol after a shooting.

The agency will turn over investigation findings to the Jackson County district attorney.

“I have never had one [officer shooting] like this before,” Waldera said. “We have had a situation where the deputy was shot, but no return fire.”


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