A new high-tech center at Gundersen Lutheran will allow for advanced training for residents and physicians.

Part of the campus renewal project, the Cleary Kumm Simulation and Training Lab has a mock operating room and a simulation lab equipped with four tables.

It allows a physician working in the operating room to stream live video to the simulation lab next door where students are working at their own stations, to regional facilities where training can be occurring simultaneously, or to the conference center upstairs.

The conference center can also be used by local physicians or rented out by medical staff across the U.S. for training or for conferences.

A major boost in training comes in the form of iStan, a mannequin that blinks, has a pulse, cries, sweats and bleeds. It can go anywhere — on a helicopter, in a house across town or in the ambulance — and each move made by emergency responders is recorded.

“It’s a great capability,” said Dr. Kim Lansing, with Family Medicine at Gundersen Lutheran. “It makes it much more real. It’s as close to a situation without actually having it happen.”

The technology will bring heightened efficiency and productivity, said Mason Quackenbush, campus renewal project manager.

The lab is the first phase of the Integrated Center for Education building. It was completed a couple of weeks ago and has already held six trainings.

As the program grows, hospital officials plan to add an in-patient hospital room, trauma training room and robotics training space.

The project is a partnership between Gundersen and international businesses Steris and Karl Storz Endoskope, along with a donation by the Cleary family and the Cleary-Kumm Foundation to cover construction costs.

For now, the technology is just inside of the building. Once the new operating rooms are built as part of the campus construction in a couple of years, the technology will be used there.

After those rooms are up, the hospital will then look to implement the technology in operating rooms in outlying community clinics.

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