Public health inspectors visited more Coulee Region restaurants in 2017 but reported fewer violations than in the previous year.

There were a total of 2,148 infractions reported at 536 of establishments in Jackson, La Crosse, Monroe, Trempealeau and Vernon counties, according to records provided by state and county health departments.

List of La Crosse area restaurants with no health code violations in 2017

That’s an average of about four violations, down from 4.6 violations found at 505 establishments in 2016.

There were 180 establishments with zero violations reported during the year, up from 156 last year.

Taste of Thai, which opened Sept. 4 in Holmen, had 34 total infractions, including 12 priority violations — the most of any establishment. Superior Family Restaurant in Tomah had the second most violations with 26, followed by La Crosse’s Super Buffet with 23.

The most common infractions involved storing foods at the wrong temperature followed by improper date marking and missing kits to test the concentration of dishwasher sanitizer.

The records, obtained through open records requests, were added to the La Crosse Tribune’s online restaurant inspection database, which includes all inspection reports since 2013 at restaurants in Jackson, La Crosse, Monroe, Trempealeau and Vernon counties.

The database, which is now optimized for mobile phones, can be searched by establishment, location or the nature of violation.

Restaurants are typically inspected once per year, though some with serious violations receive follow-up visits.

An inspection represents a snapshot in time, and violations are often corrected on the spot. Performance is best measured over multiple inspections.

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Feel the Tribune makes access to this site absurdly convoluted. Going back & forth repeatedly to find a local restaurant rating & including towns not even in the LaCrosse area is ridiculous & aggravating at the least. Feel the paper doesn't want to offend any paying advertisers, so they set it up this way. If there's a serious health concern with high safety checks to a restaurant then print it loud & clear. Should send a quick signal for that establishment to correct the issues.

You don't know me

Did anyone see that Facebook post about the girls who went order there pop sat down w food Nd drink their aid Nd thought it tasted funny so they asked for new ones. Then watched as the waitress was spitting in the glasses and ringing out dish rags in the glasses before put pop in them last week at China Inn in Onalaska, WI. 2 of the 3 girls got strep throat last I heard was commented on it. Who gets. Call about that? Was there violation there? They claim to not have cameras there?

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