Old Country closed sign

This sign, taped today to the front door of the Old Country Buffet in Onalaska, greets would-be patrons. Following the sign's advice to check the website to the nearest OCB lists Eau Claire, at 63.29 miles, as the closest within 100 miles, with Greenfield, Wis., at 206.5 miles, as the only other one in Wisconsin.

Members of the general public will be able to join restaurateurs and other buyers in online bidding for Onalaska Old Country Buffet equipment. The restaurant closed without warning Tuesday.

Auction Nation, a national online auction company, is running the asset liquidation bidding through noon today, according to an Auction Nation press release.

Old Country owner Buffets LLC is filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy so it can restructure its debts and liabilities. The company took a few items to other locations, Auction Nation said, putting the Onalaska buffet’s assets, along with those of 10 other stores nationally, in online auctions through the Auction Nation website.

“Each store contains everything from kitchen equipment and smallwares to furniture and décor,” said auction manager Scott Higgins.

An open house preview will take place from 10 a.m. to noon today at Old Country Buffet at 9417 Hwy. 16 in Onalaska.


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