Police reports: Klukas threatened ex before murder

2013-08-21T00:00:00Z 2013-08-21T06:21:45Z Police reports: Klukas threatened ex before murderBy ANNE JUNGEN | ajungen@lacrossetribune.com La Crosse Tribune

A town of Campbell man earlier this month told his ex-girlfriend not to return to his apartment because “she wasn’t safe there,” police reports state.

Jesse Klukas, 22, followed through with his threats to kill when he beat and stabbed 18-year-old Dana Shefelbine of Holmen at his apartment Aug. 13 after she severed their two-year relationship, according to town of Campbell police reports.

He then posted two graphic pictures on his Facebook page and told followers in a vulgar posting how he “loved her with everything in my being” before turning a shotgun he bought for $666 on himself.

“I truly believe I am cursed,” he wrote.

Police from multiple jurisdictions knocked down the door to apartment No. 6 about 10:45 a.m. after a tenant of the four-unit complex at 236 Tellin Court found a shotgun slug from Klukas’ apartment traveled into his apartment and landed in a kitchen wall.

Officers found rap music blaring in the dark apartment before discovering Klukas dead in an office chair and Shefelbine’s body on the couch, reports state. Authorities seized knives, marijuana, a bong and glass pipes from the unit.

Police working with Facebook officials deleted Klukas’ account. His family did not claim his possessions.

Another tenant in the complex said Shefelbine stated that Klukas had threatened to kill her and her family, according to reports. The renter said Klukas was acting depressed and recently quit his job.

“Jesse also told me that he didn’t care if he went to prison for the rest of his life,” the tenant wrote in a statement to police.

Shefelbine’s family held her funeral Tuesday and remembered the recent Holmen High School graduate as a daughter and sister who appreciated music, hiking and camping, according to her obituary.

She began volunteering at 11 years old with Tabby Town, where she was drawn to the most timid kittens, organization founder Marie Glover said.

“She ended up adopting three of the cats,” she said. “She was a gentle, giving little girl who turned into a beautiful young lady.”

Shefelbine was artistic and skilled at drawing and photography, Glover said.

“There was a lot of emotion in her art,” she said. “She was destined to be something great.”

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  1. David Jarzemski
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    David Jarzemski - August 21, 2013 4:01 pm
    ic20_20 , are you that naive? 16 year olds go behind their parents backs all the time and do the relationship thingie no matter the advice given to them or restrictions put on them.
  2. ic20_20
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    ic20_20 - August 21, 2013 9:53 am
    I agree with your comment to an extent. Sometimes harsh details can save a life. Seeing the reality of this situation can open eyes. The other thing to remember is the Tribune has a job to report the news. That is the purpose of the newspaper. Look in any paper and you will see the same type of details. Also, they are trying to sell papers! This unfortunately is what sells. This kind of news and details is what society pays for.
  3. ic20_20
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    ic20_20 - August 21, 2013 9:49 am
    Let me start by saying NO ONE deserves what happened to her and my condolences go out to the family. BUT, I do want to ask... what was a 20 year old man doing dating a 16 year old girl? They report the two had a two year relationship so that is how old they were when they first started dating. That should have been a red flag right there. I am not putting blame on anyone but at those ages in life, the age gap is more significant than if they were lets say 29 and 25. I currently have a 16 year old daughter and would never allow her to date a 20 year old man nor would my son be allowed to date a woman that age when he is only 16. It's just asking for trouble.
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    LITCOTU - August 21, 2013 8:34 am
    What she was destined to be was older. Two families are in pain right now. I'm not sure why the Tribune thinks this level of detail about the actual murder is needed or helpful to anyone. How about a story about resources available to individuals in violent relationships? This comes across as salacious.
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