Rec-Fest medallion found

2010-01-28T10:00:00Z Rec-Fest medallion found La Crosse Tribune
January 28, 2010 10:00 am

The La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department announced this morning that the Winter Rec-Fest medallion was found by Rick Gardner at the boat landing across from Kootch Carroll Field.

There is a picnic table that overlooks the harbor. The medallion was stuck to the underside of the picnic table.

The announcement came after the ninth clue in the annual hunt was revealed today.

Here are the clues and explanations from the Parks and Recreation Department:

Clue 1

People and names are in vogue this year

With a native American tribe as the first clue.

The second is Charles if you know where to look

And search where bluffs are in view.

Clue 1 "tribe" is Creek, referring to Swift Creek; "second is Charles" refers to nearby boat with the name Charley's Inn II; you can see the bluffs

Clue 2

People, who get things sparkling clean,

And two drives to find the location.

Be aware of city ordinances.

You'll see a place where aid is a vocation.

Clue 2 first line refers to "bleachers" at Carroll Field; "drives" refers to Norplex Drive and Marco Drive; "city ordinance" parking signs and Gundersen Lutheran "aid in view"

Clue 3

No need to touch anything privately-owned...

Not even almost-Keating from 1989.

No schools or churches in this locale,

But parking. Just follow the signs.

Clue 3: lots of "privately-owned" boats and trucks; "almost Keating" refers to 1989 movie, "Dead Poet's Society" and teacher John Keating's message "Seize the day." There is a nearby boat, named "Seas the Moment." Also, where not to look and various "parking" signs in the area

Clue 4

Gold, silver, bronze. Win, place or show.

That's a help in a sequential way.

Then find a song that Elvis and Bing sang.

Plus, a special treat can make your day.

Clue 4 first line refers to a first-second-third aspect or the bases at Carroll Field; "Elvis and Bing" both sang the song, "Harbor Lights"; "special treat" is the treatment plant

Clue 5

The medallion is usually hidden in a park.

But surprise! Not this year.

Joe can help and Betty, too.

And you should see a hydrant near.

Clue 5 first two lines where not to look "Joe" is Joseph Houska Park; "Betty" is the worn name on a nearby boat; "hydrant " alongside the road

Clue 6

Professional baseball league stepping stones

And business sales are plainly in sight.

Crockett and Tubbs are the names this time.

Facing north, the reference is to your right.

Clue 6 "baseball leagues" refers to major and minor repairs sign; "business sales" refers to Boats, Sales and Service; "Crockett and Tubbs" refers to Miami (Vice), Fl. designation on nearby boat; and the direction from medallion location 

Clue 7

Think of two buddies from earlier TV

And how they brought home the bacon.

Fences, trees and poles: All here.

But the first part is crucial. We ain't fakin'.

Clue 7: "two buddies" are Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, who drove bus and worked in the sewer, which relates to MTU buildings and sewer treatment plant; "fences, trees and poles" everywhere

Clue 8

Robin of Loxley and his merry men

Are paired with the Gundersen brothers for the first time.

Reminders of all are here to be seen.

Plus, something that used to cost a dime.

Clue 8: "Robin" Hood (nearby Hood St.); "Gundersen" Lutheran on the skyline; bus ride used to cost a "dime"

Clue 9

A newsworthy story of the 1960's

And a Gene Hackman movie down south.

Most will cross a bridge for Ken.

And there's something with a mighty mouth.

Clue 9: "newsworthy story" was busing; "Hackman movie" was "Mississippi Burning"; "Ken" Niedbalski bridge; Again, Mississippi has a "mighty mouth"

For more on this story, or see Friday's Tribune.

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