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U.S. Rep. Ron Kind says he wants to address infrastructure spending, the nation’s opioid crisis, rising health care costs and ways to maintain trade with foreign nations in 2018, but he fears congressional gridlock will get in the way of solving such problems.

Rep. Ron Kind


“You can’t get to any of that without a one-year budget,” Kind said Wednesday.

Kind, elected to an 11th term in 2016, joined the majority of his fellow House Democrats last week in voting against a four-week spending bill to keep the federal government open and voted this week against a three-week extension that emerged from the Senate after a three-day shutdown.

“I’m done supporting two- or three-week (spending) measures,” Kind said in a meeting with the Tribune editorial board.

Stop-gap spending measures are “embarrassing” to the nation and “devastating” to the military, Kind said.

One of four House Democrats to oppose Nancy Pelosi for another term as minority leader, Kind said he blames the leaders of both parties for deepening the partisan divide, though he acknowledges members face pressure from their bases.

Kind said he’s doubtful that Republicans are serious about promises to work on legislation to protect undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

The shutdown was triggered when Senate Democrats refused to vote for the spending bill because it did not include a provision for those roughly 800,000 people known as “dreamers,” who face deportation beginning in March after the Trump administration ended a program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

“For eight years, eight years we’ve been asking them to fix DACA,” he said. “This is not a new issue.”

Kind said he’s met with dreamers from across the district, including high school valedictorians who were unable to attend college and can’t get work permits.

“They’re as American as anyone else,” he said. “You’ve got this talent sitting on the sidelines, and these kids are scared.”



Rhymes with Lubbock. La Crosse Tribune reporter and data geek. Covers energy, transportation and the environment, among other things. Call him at 608-791-8217.

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Rick Czeczok

Oops, I must have touched a nerve with this paper that I am cancelling, they wouldn't post my comment against there boy Ron. Ron is walking the fence on this to show he is bipartisan(election year you know). He has in his tenure voted over 96% on party line. That makes him a Paloopsy political puppet. He is the analogy of politics and swamp.

The Mouse of Death

[angry]It would behoove us to blame Crooked Hillary, Lyin' Ted and Obamacare for the government budget because Democrats Manafort, Page, Trump, Generals Flynn and the Vladimir Putin colluded with the Kremlin of the Moscow. We are indeed bemezzled by Stormy Daniels, who has replaced FSB Agent Melania and has sent her home to Siberia which is next to Alaska where Sarah Palin sees her house.

A Veteran

Mr. Kind --The DACA people are not like most of us we are here legally as citizens they are here illegally big difference!!!!


They're children, and, since they are not Americans, actually know how to do a hard days work. Get over it.


They are smarter than you too.

A Veteran

tower the LIAR---Did you EVER find them ducklings again ..LOL


Of course Ron Kind would worry the Pentagon and military will be hurt by a federal shutdown. Kind has shown, like every other Democrat, that warmongering keeps you in office. No matter that 60 million humans are today fleeing American Foreign Policy, and, by the way, when you're cursing the potholes and poor highways in Wisco,remember that thanks to Ron Kind, Pentagon extracts around $22,000,000 (that's Millions!) from Wisconsin taxpayers every single day...

Buggs Raplin

We're spending $4 million per hour in Afghanistan. Maybe Ron could come out and oppose that. But then maybe not.


Democrats have learned to go along with the warmongering or else get hammered at election time for being "soft on terror". They all have blood on their hands, and that's why I refuse to vote for anyone currently in Washington...

Buggs Raplin

American foreign policy is THE great evil unbeknownst to the American people because of the mainstream media, where it is sanitized and presented as our desire to spread democracy. The big lie.. Ron Kind is part of it, but will keep getting re-elected. He has the job as long as he wants it. Such is the state of our political system.-Chip DeNure aka Buggs Raplin


Kind is an embarrassment for his lack of job performance. The only time he speaks is to further his Photo-Op Ron persona. He continually piggy backs on others and is very careful not to say anything definitive.

Rs Ts

Well said canman.

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