The La Crosse Public Library and Pediment Publishing are offering the community a chance to share their family histories. “La Crosse Memories: The Early Years” will feature local photos from the 1800s through 1939.

La Crosse residents are invited to bring in their personal photos to be scanned and featured in the publication. Photo scanning sessions began on Thursday and will continue Friday and Saturday. Images from the library’s archives will also be included in the book.

Pediment Publishing has composed photo books for cities across the country, including Madison and Marshfield.

“La Crosse’s archive is amazing,” said Pediment Publishing acquisition editor Drew Fitzgerald. “Going through the files feels like treasure hunting.”

The finished book will feature 250 to 300 photos highlighting local families, industries and forms of transportation.

“Dynamic shots are preferred to scenic ones,” Fitzgerald said. “They have more character.”

La Crosse native Terri Daley-Mack brought in an assortment of photos Thursday, having recently taken an interest in her family tree. Her family’s history in La Crosse goes back four generations, and her children and grandchildren reside here as well.

“I took a mass of photos from my mom’s house,” Daley-Mack said. “I may be back tomorrow — there’s still a whole trunk full. “

Daley-Mack’s favorite photo is of her mother and aunt standing by the Hwy. 16 sign at the corner of Losey Boulevard and La Crosse Street. The pair smile widely, dressed in fancy coats and hair scarves tied under their chins. Another prized picture shows her aunt as a child, posing with a violin.

“She was a child prodigy,” Daley-Mack reminisced. “I love how she’s wearing a bright dress and socks covered with flowers. You see so many old photos where everyone is dressed in black.”

Families are encouraged to submit up to 10 unique images. Photocopied or damaged images will not be accepted.

Appointments can be made by calling 360-723-5802, and walk-ins are also welcome. The finished book will be available in early December for $39. It can be pre-ordered at