Taxes collected by Airbnb for the first three months under an agreement with the state of Wisconsin has far exceeded expectations, company officials said.

Airbnb sent about $550,000 in tax revenue for July, August and September to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, a number Airbnb said “dwarfed even the most aggressive initial projections.”

When the deal with the state was announced in June, the Department of Revenue said if the agreement had been in place for all of 2016, the state would have gotten about $700,000.

The agreement calls for Airbnb to collect sales taxes, use taxes and local resort/exposition taxes on behalf of homeowners in the Airbnb system.

Airbnb said 91,000 guest arrivals happened in Wisconsin in those three months, putting $12.3 million in supplemental income into the hands of the residents opening their homes to guests, a 98 percent increase over the same period in 2016.

Airbnb also collects the 10 percent room tax in Madison, and has remitted $157,000 in revenue to the city since the agreement took effect on May 1.

Airbnb is an online hospitality service matching guests with unique stay experiences by using local homes, apartments and other living spaces.