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Protesters chanting "cows lives matter" in front of steaks, roasts and ground chuck were kicked out of an East Side supermarket Saturday, the same store they protested in last Thanksgiving over turkeys.

The mini-demonstration happened at Festival Foods, 810 E. Washington Ave., Madison police said.

The protesters, one playing a guitar, loudly chanted "murder" and "cows lives matter" while filling the aisle in front of the meat display.

"The store manager said the protest prevented customers from making purchases, so she told the animal rights activists she was calling police," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

The protesters left the store and went across the street, where police talked to them.

"An officer advised them they were not welcome back into the store and could be cited for trespass if they returned," DeSpain said.

The manager told police this was the second time some of the same people were protesting in the store.

"They were last at Festival Foods around Thanksgiving, chanting 'Turkey lives matter,'" DeSpain said.

No citations were issued.