Four people face a substantial battery charge after being arrested July 24 in the town of Lisbon following a bar fight.

Ryan N. Forrest, Nancy Hawver, Shawn Kelley and Katie Williams could be fined $10,000, or face no more than three years and six months, or both, in prison for the battery charge. They are charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and each could be fined $1,000 or be imprisoned for no more than 90 days, or both.

According to a criminal complaint:

On July 24, Juneau County deputies responded to a bar fight at Wonderly’s in the town of Lisbon. The report indicated five people were involved and one person was lying on the ground, unconscious. Two people were quickly taken into custody.

Witnesses told the deputies Forrest punched one male in the face, knocking him unconscious. Two other females, Katie Williams and Nancy Hawver allegedly continued to kick the man in the face while he was lying unconscious. According to the report, the man, 53, was bleeding heavily from the face and had a pool of blood underneath his head.

During an initial investigation, Nancy Hawver’s phone was seized and police obtained a search warrant to view contents stored in the phone. Hawver admitted to having a cell phone video recording of the fight.

When questioned by police, Forrest said he was involved in the fight, but said he was only trying to push people away from his friend, Shawn Kelley. The owner of the bar was also interviewed and said she told people to leave when she sensed a fight was going to start and that Hawver attempted to fight her. Kelley started “getting rough” with the alleged victim. They went into the parking lot and the fight began.

The owner said she saw several people gang up on the man and went back into the bar to call 911. When she returned, the man was on the ground and Williams was allegedly kicking him. She tried to push people away from the alleged victim. Another witness said the man was not instigating the fight and that Kelley was the primary aggressor. He tried and another male tried stopping the fight by pushing Kelley away. He said Forrest ran up and punched the man in the face, unprovoked. Kelley tried taking a swing at another male who was trying to break up the fight, but missed.

Forrest denied punching the man, saying he only did some pushing and shoving, but several witnesses alleged he did strike the injured man. He was arrested and taken to jail, along with the other people who attacked the male. At the hospital he told a deputy he was “kicked in the face and had his head stomped on,” and didn’t know why he was attacked. A doctor confirmed the male had several broken bones on the right side of his face, including the jaw, cheek and eye bone areas.

Forrest has an initial appearance scheduled for Aug. 9 at 9 a.m. Hawver will also be at the Juneau County Justice Center Aug. 9 for a hearing. Williams was also charged with obstructing an officer and will have her initial appearance Aug. 9. Kelley, also faces a charge for resisting and obstruction, but no future court activity has been recorded.

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