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A Mt. Olympus maintenance building near the indoor theme park was destroyed by fire Feb. 14.

Delton Fire Department/ Contributed

The damage estimate for the Feb. 14 Mt. Olympus maintenance building fire is $1.2 million.

“We come up with the loss estimation by first looking at the size of the building and what it would cost, conservatively, to reconstruct,” said Delton Fire Chief Darren Jorgenson. “Then, we take a look at what contents were lost in the fire.”

He said many expensive items were in the building including skid steers and other heavy machinery, tools and equipment used for vehicle and park maintenance.

The Delton Fire Department was notified of the fire at about 4 a.m. Feb. 14, according to a release. The building was fully involved with fire when emergency crews arrived, Jorgenson said. He said it was a total loss. There were no injuries or damage to nearby structures, a release said. 

The Delton Fire Department asked the Lake Delton Police Department, DCI and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to assist them with determining what happened, Jorgenson said in an email.

It’s a big building with a lot of debris to go through, he said.

For the Wilderness Resort dorm fire, he said there were about 250 people that needed to be interviewed, including the students that were living in the adjacent dorm.  

“That alone was labor intensive and required additional investigators to conduct those interviews,” he said.

In the Mt. Olympus case, the amount of interviews are not nearly as many so far, he said.

A fire destroyed the Wilderness Resort dormitory under construction Jan. 25 and was determined to be an arson by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The building was a complete loss, estimated at $5 million, according to a release.

Feb. 15 is the first full day investigators will be able to process the Mt. Olympus scene, Jorgenson said. 

Since the investigation just started, he said it’s way too early to make any determinations as to what caused the fire.

“Until we are able to make those conclusions, it would be too early to say that the Wilderness dorm fire and Mt. Olympus are related in any way,” he said.

There are no new updates on the Wilderness Resort dorm fire at this time.  

It’s not unusual to have several similar calls in a short time period, he said. The department can go a year or 18 months without even having a really big fire, he said.

On average, over the past three years, he said there have been about 10 structure fires per year. This could be as minor as an electrical outlet that overheated and started on fire or as extensive as the Wilderness dorm fire or the Mt. Olympus maintenance building fire.

He said there have been several fires that have been classified as structure fires that didn’t even need water to extinguish. The department classifies structure fires according to the National Fire Incident Reporting System, he said.