"Is someone bringing this woman a beer or what?"

The antsy customer was the president of the United States, Barack Obama, and the woman in apparent need was the president of a brewery, Deb Carey, who knows a few things about delivering suds.

Carey, co-founder with her husband, Dan, of New Glarus Brewing, not only swapped her own beer for half a six-pack of the president's home brew during a meeting at the White House, she made some economic points on behalf of small businesses, sat across from Obama and got a kiss on the cheek from Vice President Joe Biden.

Carey was invited along with 15 other successful small business owners to meet with the White House Business Council. It was her fourth such meeting — "they have not all been happy meetings," she noted — but the first time Obama and Biden were present in the Roosevelt Room.

Though the topic was economic recovery and how to "get it moving faster," Carey specifically brought up health care costs and skilled labor education. She also said the president and vice president stayed for the whole meeting, talking with each person and soliciting ideas.

"It was my distinct privilege to be included in the conversation, and they were paying attention," Carey said Wednesday.

Carey, who was wearing a "Brewers For Obama" pin (a reference to the ale and porter beers brewed in the White House, and the political support that brought), brought along two champagne-sized bottles of New Glarus Brewery's new Serendipity apple-cherry-cranberry beer as a gift.

The president, who had requested during introductions that an aide bring her a taste of the White House brew, then amiably teased the crew that she was still waiting, gave Carey three 12-ounce bottles of White House Honey Ale, packed in a blue bag with the presidential seal. She said she'll share with her husband, keep one bottle unopened, and send Obama her critique.

Only water was served at the meeting, she added.

Carey said she joked with Biden, and when the topic of increasing exports came up, she told him: "Hey Joe, I don't even sell beer in Illinois. That's what I think about exports."

Afterward Biden approached her, "put his hands on each shoulder, gave me a kiss on the left cheek and said, 'We are from the same neighborhood, kid.'"

Carey was named first runner-up in the 2011 National Small Business Person of the Year contest sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration. She was named Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year in March. She stumped on behalf of the president's economic policies a year ago, promoting tax credits and other programs that have helped the brewery expand.

Carey and her brewmaster husband founded the brewery in 1993. It sells its beer only in Wisconsin.

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She won't have to cut her employees hours now that Governor Walker is letting the feds pay for and run the health insurance exchanges.

Why States Should Flatly Reject Obamacare Exchanges:


Governor Walker made the best decision possible for the citizens of Wisconsin.

Why? State-created exchanges mean higher taxes, fewer jobs, and less protection of religious freedom. States are better off defaulting to a federal exchange.

Abandoning the state run exchange and using the federal exchange, Wisconsin employers with 50 plus employees will no longer be required to pay the $2,000 penalty per employee, per year for not providing the “one size fits none” health insurance policy.

This penalty to employers is only triggered when those employees receive tax subsidies from this state-based exchange. Since HHS-run exchanges have no subsidies, for states refusing to create exchanges, no employer in that state will be subject to that penalty.

This means your Wisconsin employer will no longer have to consider cutting your hours back to 28 hours per week or terminating your employment to pay this added cost.

Governor Walker knows that avoiding those taxes improves Wisconsin’s prospects for job creation, and also protects the conscience rights of employers and individuals whom the Obama administration is forcing to purchase contraceptives coverage. You will soon see companies relocate from states that implement a state run exchange to states like Wisconsin that have shunned it.

Each state run exchange would cost its state taxpayers an estimated $10 million to $100 million per year, necessitating tax increases.

A Wisconsin created exchange is not a Wisconsin-controlled exchange. All exchanges will still be controlled by Washington. The only difference is Wisconsin taxpayers will be paying directly for it rather than the federal government. The Wisconsin state run exchange would then funnel millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to private insurance companies. The state should not facilitate taxpayer subsidies to private companies!

If Governor Walker created a state exchange, it would only set state officials up to take the blame when Obamacare increases insurance premiums and denies care to the sick. State officials won’t want their names on this disastrous mess.

Finally, rejecting an exchange altogether, reduces the federal deficit. Obamacare offers its deficit-financed subsidies to private health insurers only through state-created exchanges. If all states declined, federal deficits would fall by roughly $700 billion over ten years.

RINO Cowboy
RINO Cowboy

Nutty? Yup it fits.


I never was a big fan of this brand, now, I know for sure I'll never have another New Glarus. Nice move dimwit, tick off half of your future customers.

Buggs Raplin
Buggs Raplin

Wonder if Deb is going to reduce the hours of her employees to under 30/week to avoid paying their health insurance under Obamacare.


Oh, get over it. Spotted Cow is one of the best beers brewed in Wisconsin, and I'm not going to stop drinking it because of this. Just don't have the time to run down political affiliations when choosing products to buy, plus it's a silly concept anyway. If you were big on Buy American, you wouldn't drink Miller, Coors, or Bud, either.


I applaud Deb, New Glarus and Obama.


You are kidding-right? applaud Obummer? Geez


No more New Glarus for me.


If Obummer is gonna drink beer from New Glarus, it just ruined my taste for Spotted Cow. Time to switch to Miller.

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