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Direct Action Everywhere Madison screenshot

This image from a Facebook video posted by animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere Madison shows a demonstration in a Madison grocery store in November 2017.

Direct Action Everywhere Madison, via Facebook

Animal rights activists kicked out of a Downtown Madison grocery store while protesting against killing cows for meat and drinking cows milk are disputing a story on Monday that they shouted "cows' lives matter."

The term was used by the complainant, a manager at Festival Foods, in the police report, describing the protest on Saturday inside the store at 810 E. Washington Ave. 

A video sent to the State Journal by Direct Action Everywhere Madison showed the half-dozen protesters in the store singing to guitar music, then reading from a script, but there was no indication in the video the phrase had been used.

The group said the video they sent was unedited, but the State Journal was not able to independently verify that claim.

The group also denied shouting "murder" during the protest, but the police report, again using witness information, said customers buying meat were waving the packages in the faces of the protesters, who reportedly shouted "murder" at the customers.

The group also denied saying "turkey lives matter" during a protest in the store at Thanksgiving, which also was in the police report.

A video made at the November protest didn't show anyone saying "turkey lives matter", but more video posted on the group's Facebook page showed the protesters putting white roses on the frozen turkeys in the store's display case.

The group Direct Action Everywhere Madison posted the following edited video on Facebook following a protest in November.

Direct Action Everywhere Madison said they would never have incorporated the "Black Lives Matter" chant into their protests.

"Such appropriations are hurtful and offensive and we are mortified to have been falsely accused of doing that," the group said.

After the protesters were escorted out of the store on Saturday, the group mingled for a while as police arrived.

No citations were issued.

Festival Foods management was contacted for this story but had not commented as of Tuesday afternoon.