VIROQUA — A 43-year-old Viroqua man was arrested for attempted armed robbery after wearing a bandanna over his face and demanding a pack of cigarettes at about 5 p.m. Friday at a Kwik Trip in Viroqua.

Viroqua Police Chief Daron Jefson said the store's employees “were scared out of their minds” by Alan J. Abt, who stayed in the store about five minutes, made menacing gestures and at one point attempted to get behind the counter.

The incident occurred at a time when the store is at its busiest and the incident left employees “still shaking half-an-hour later,” Jefson said.

Abt was arrested at his home a short time later for attempted armed robbery and resisting an officer.

Jefson said police did not recover a weapon when Abt was picked up, although witness from the store say Abt kept moving his hands in his pockets as if he had a pistol or weapon.

Jefson said that although Abt had been drinking alcohol, it's not known whether he was legally under the influence at the time of his arrest. Abt was in Vernon County Jail today pending a bond hearing.

Abt does not have a criminal record in Wisconsin, and he did not ask for anything in the store other than cigarettes. Jefson called the incident “very odd.”


Digital news editor

Digital news editor

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Dont know if it was science fiction or just in the middle east, cut off a hand from the thief, and no Goverment benifits ever. Two strikes and you better have talented feet


long jail times for almost no money.? Not really

jack frost

Very weird and strange story... must have been having a nicotine fit! They should make tobacco illegal...see what it does. Instead of reefer bout tobacco madness. Least reefer can't kill you like tobacco and alcohol!!!


You'd have to be drugged out of your mind to rob a Kwik Trip... long jail times for almost no money. Only the dumbest of criminals do robberies at all... robbery is the crime of morons. Dangerous morons. Keep them in jail!

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