Drug overdoses are skyrocketing across the U.S. That said, certain states have been hit substantially harder than others.

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Capital punishment for all drug dealers, 72 hours after conviction fry them!

You get caught with drugs you must ingest everything you have on you at one time!!!

Stop giving out needles to the junkies!!

Why do we have free methadone clinics for junkies to get free drugs because they have a “disease” but if you have cancer that is also a “disease” you have to pay for the chemotherapy or die!!

Junkies are criminals it’s time we start treating them for what they are!!!!!!!!!!!


Opioid overdoses are almost exclusively a result of doctor prescribed drugs.

Legalize Marijuana.

Rick Czeczok

Where and when did you come up with that ridiculous statement of fact? That is totally false, and you should be ashamed to print such a statement. Most all opioids are illegally produced south of the boarder and more so from China.

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