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In an extraordinary Oval Office exchange, President Donald Trump questioned Thursday why the U.S. should permit immigrants from "shithole countries" as he rejected a plan by a bipartisan group of senators that would have changed rules affecting entrants from Africa and Haiti, according to three people briefed on the conversation.

The White House did not deny the comment.

Trump made the remark in a meeting as Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., was explaining the outlines of an agreement that six senators had reached to protect hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation and bolster border security, the people said.

Durbin explained that as part of that deal, a lottery for visas that has benefited people from African and other diverse nations would be ended. In exchange, Durbin said people would be allowed to stay in the U.S. who fled here after disasters hit their homes in places including El Salvador, Guatemala and Haiti.

Trump specifically questioned why the U.S. would want to admit more people from Haiti. He also mentioned Africa and asked why more people from "shithole countries" should be allowed into the U.S., the sources said.

Asked about the remarks, White House spokesman Raj Shad defended the president but did not directly deny his remarks.

"Certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but President Trump will always fight for the American people," Shad said.

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to publicly describe the conversation.


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El Duderino

Ya think Trump will brag on Twitter if he’s informed his prostate is “yuuuge”? C’mon, laugh a little, life’s too short to be so angry! You two are never going to agree on anything. Maybe it’s therapeutic to gauge each other’s eyes out over the internet, though..?

I gave my opinion and apparently I’m a Nazi (who knew?) for thinking we should only take in those that can contribute and aren’t likely to require assistance. I think we’ve reached our quota of the opposite. I dared to suggest the Australian immigration system is sensible, but of course that makes me (and them, too?) racist.

Do you really think Haitians, for example, don’t realize their country is in fact a “$&ithole”? Sean Penn was/is down there trying to help those hit by the earthquake...that had to have hit at least four years ago, likely longer...and it’s still an absolute mess of tent cities and government corruption. This was before he contributed to getting El Chapo pinched, so I’m guessing he’s (wisely) moved on from that endeavor.

Have you watched Vice’s documentary about Liberia? It’s on YouTube. Go digest that and tell me you want Liberians living next door to you. General Butt Naked (a real dude) would make for a terrible neighbor, you’ll just have to trust me on that.

I researched (legal) immigration during the late 1800’s to present time. It really flatlined for nearly 40 years between the 1930’s into the late 1960’s. Why do you suppose that is?

We live in interesting times, it’s Friday, and life is happy!


Climaxchoker, hey stupid, (your term, I must stoop to your level so you can comprehend), Norway's great success is due to their democratic socialism. They offer universal healthcare, tuition-free university, childcare services, elderly care, fair living wages, clean energy expansion, strict gun laws, very strict drunk driving laws, a productive and stable economy, also, a very low crime rate. Something our twisted oligarchy (under the guise of capitalism) doesn't offer, a fair chance for all, not just a select few. If our war-mongering gov't spent just a fraction of our DOD budget on our people and infrastructures, we might live in a more civilized society. If our so-called capitalism is so great, why do we constantly have to borrow money from Communist China? Your snide taunts of liberals? Most liberals I know wear that as a badge of honor. Me? I'm a former Republican leaning citizen, sworn to no political party, just my country. George W. Bush and the T-Bagger movement sealed that deal long ago. I'm a moderate progressive. tRump is undergoing his annual physical right now. I think they'll find his brain when they do his prostate exam in his "$hithole".


Norway population 5 million
US population 325 million
These numbers are hugely different, do you think that and the sheer geographical difference has any thing to do with the difference? By the way that stuff isn’t all free, taxpayers are being nailed big time for those socialistic so called freebies.
Norway monitors its immigrants. Liberals won’t let trump do that. Gun control in this country?? Sanctuary cities won’t even follow federal law regarding felons, killers the more so called freebies the more free loaders you better make the best of capitalism because that’s how our country runs, you may have to move, but we’ll never be a giant Norway


tRump used to deny his German heritage ( a former $hithole country after WW 's I & II) and claimed being Swedish. His own mother illegally immigrated to the US from Scotland, worked in a house of " working girls" ' till she met his Dad and then married. He is just white trash, stinking up the White House, our country, the world, with his illiterate, mentally ill gibberish. The Norwegians are having a Twitter war this morning about tRump thinking we should get more immigrants from there..... calling him a $hitty leader that has made America a $hithole country. Yes, tRump is now our 'MASA. He's Made America Suck Again.


The Trump administration threw 690,000 immigrants’ lives into limbo — and only then told the public how many of them there were.

NO!! The Trump administration put common sense into our immigration policy.

690,000 plus relatives=that many illegal DemoRat voters


The problem with trump as far as liberals are concerned is that he keeps hitting the nail on the head, no BS, no trying to talk out of both sides of his mouth. He stated the facts and the snowflakes cover their virgin ears. Same with sanctuary cities, Muslims, Chicago , gangs, and every other thing true Americans see.


tRump thinks we should get immigrants from countries like Norway. Really? They don't want to come here as they live in a civilized country of peace, a stable economy, fair wages commensurate to live a comfortable life, universal health care, low crime rates, etc. tRump has turned the WH into a $hithole with his $lutty foreign "wife" that won't even share a bedroom with him. He wipes his sorry a$$ with our Constitution daily and craps all over everything good the US used to stand for.


Norway is nice because they don’t allow in the rif raf trump is talking about , stupid. Trump is trying to improv our quality of life by improving the quality of the immigrants, like most other civilized countries in the world do. How does that fact sit with your sh#ty liberalism.? Since 1975 Norway limits its immagration to ensure it doesn’t get over run by the same people trump wants to keep out. Why don’t you allow a few homeless bums to move into your house, same thing. Put you quality of life where hour liberal mouth is at.


You can turn on the TV for 10 minutes and experience more vulgarity than this. Or try listening to the liberal dolts at the movie or music awards; there's more vulgarity and misogyny and racism on display than any well adjusted person can stomach.

Liberals should get over their hyper-selective fake outrage and pomposity. Better retreat back to your safe spaces and listen to some uplifting rap music.


Quite frankly, many Third World countries' latrines, public or private, consist of nothing more than a hole in the ground, if that, in which (to quote Donovan) "to shi_t and pee." Trump's description, though vulgar, is apt in terms of "What do they have to offer?" our country as immigrants.


If trump really wants to know why people come here from those "other" countries, he need only ask his wife.

El Duderino

Tower- So, Australia’s immigration requirements are racist against “Blacks and other colored” (your words)? Huh, and this whole time I thought they were our friendly shrimp barbecuing allies with cool accents. God forbid they, as a sovereign nation, only welcome people into their country that will contribute and are unlikely to require substantial assistance. Some countries are “s&@tholes”, that’s just a fact. It’s amusing to see you play the worn out race card if something logical doesn’t conform to your PC bubble. How are things going in Germany, France, and England, for example, since they’ve welcomed millions of your friends into their countries?


Be proud, Trump voters; we know exactly what kind of people you are - and it ain't Christian.


Trump: I graduated from the best of colleges. Well, only one actually. And that's why I can speak like a distinguished, sophisticated scholar by lying up a storm and saying things like, 'I'm, like, really smart,' or 'I'm a stable genius' (what's an unstable genius?) or using ultra-impressive grade school slang like "s^^^hole" or "grab them by the......." And this from the president in public tweets and recordings that make him the height of elegance, sophistication and class. I have two grandsons in high school who speak way more intelligently than Trump does. Seriously. He is an embarrassment to our country, in words and actions.


The liberals think our country is a s**thole. Protesting, beating up trump supporters, calling for cops to be frayed like bacon.Why would they want immigrants to come here. They must certainly have it better at home, right?


well I see our local racist and xenophobe, the Hoaxer, is back and he is delighted with the president's vulgar language against African countries, and sadly he has many friends who think the same. This country sure has sunk to a new low and the dumb are getting dumber. The president obviously wants white only immigrants. The white supremacists are dancing for joy. This country was founded on immigrants, all types from all different countries in the world. It is what has made our country strong and vibrant. If hoaxer and El dudley and their fellow Nazis can't understand that then its time for them to smarten up. Saying disparaging remarks about an entire country and its citizens is ignorance on a grand scale. This is America, not Australia or Saudi Arabia, we are better than this president and his ignorance. Glad this president isn't blind to the obvious? What pray tell is obvious about his remarks except they are totally racists.


Thank you! The definition of a racist is someone winning an argument with a liberal


Let's take a look at your comment, Hoax: "The liberals think our country is a s**thole. (No they don't.) Protesting, (you meant like the original Boston Tea Party?) beating up trump supporters, (because of their repeated blind obedience to Fox with NO concern at all for trying to find the truth) calling for cops to be frayed like bacon. (No, not fried like bacon. Just checked if they put 5 or more shots into an unarmed person because he or she had a burned out tail light.) Why would they want immigrants to come here. They must certainly have it better at home, right? (Yeah, like living in poverty, under oppressive governments, few if any schools, etc. Any America-hating liberal could see that their world is a lot better than ours.)


Your comment makes you a bigot



So it’s ok to beat up people based on what TV channel they watch? Based on that you are a HUGE BIGOT! You want to impose regulations on our TV’s? No, I mean protest, burn, loot, and assault like in Furgeson after a cop assulter, robber and drug abuser was shot.
.01 % of BOTH black AND white people are shot by police when arrested.
That BS story about cops hunting black people has been disproved a million times, do a little research.

That pretty well shoots down you’re who liberal BS post, doesn’t it?


President Trump. A real class act. The Republican Party owns him and should also be ashamed of him.

El Duderino

Australia’s immigration system makes a lot of sense to me: must be under 50, be fluent in English, have a skill/trade that is subject to a test or verification, be of sound character, and be in good health. If those things are not verifiable, then no dice. Immigration without assimilation is an invasion...our current predicament. I think Trump’s right, we’ve taken in more than our share of unskilled takers that will never assimilate to our country. How many fellow Arabs in need has Saudi Arabia taken in? How are things going with the assimilation efforts in Germany, France, England, etc.? Glad we have a president who isn’t blind to the obvious and isn’t afraid to anger the PC police.


You will notice, being very smart, Australia doesn't say you can't come in if you are from a "sh**hole country", meaning Black or any colored for that matter. And joining him in this closet dog whistle racism are the usual subjects. Only an idiot wouldn't understand the harm this man's mouth does to the US.


Good comment, now try to get those rules passed here with the way the liberals are. We can’t even get them to turn over murderers in this country. Liberalism, the death of America.


Wow, just wow. Another $hitty day at the $hithole office of our $hitty fake *POTUS. Gee, did I just stoop to his level?


@ awol12009: Nah. You won't stoop to his level until you pronounce that you are, "like, really smart." LOL.


A sh@@y Trump day is better than a Hillary good day any day. Wait, that’s not possible, good and Hillary can only be used in one sentence. Good for nothing Hillary.

Matt Foley

Under normal circumstances, this would have been attacked by other politicians as absolutely inappropriate and racist. In the Trump Administration it is just another day in the White House.


If they weren’t “sh@thole countries” illegal immigrants wouldn’t leave to come here. Simple, really.

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