Gov. Scott Walker has failed to keep his promises about creating jobs. He has failed to open a state health insurance exchange, and he failed to expand health care coverage. He also has failed to find a mining (Gogebic Taconite) or corporate giveaway he has not supported.

In short, Walker has failed to campaign and govern with justice, equality and transparency, the values for which Wisconsin was once renowned. His record on campaign financing should frighten us all.

Let's look at his successes: He has carried water for the Koch brothers. He has achieved some of their agenda of decimating the interests of working, lower-income citizens. With Republicans in the Legislature, he has put in force much of the Koch-supported, far-right agenda, such as suppressing voters, denying an expansion of Medicaid, and damping worker rights and a fair minimum wage.

November is our time to rise up in hope and throw aside the dark money and corruption of Walker. Mary Burke tops Scott Walker in Marquette University polls. Do everything you can to get voters out for Burke.

It's time to restore Wisconsin's reputation for fair, clean, open, honest, compassionate government. Vote Burke. It's time to send Walker packing.

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