There is a movement today called Abortion No More, comprised of women who state that they regret their abortions.

Their stories correspond with reports from the Alan Guttmacher Institute that state that the majority of women in this nation seek abortion due to contraception failure, and I would add, due to relationship failures.

Relationships that involve sexual intimacy but lack lifetime commitment often end up “resolving” unexpected pregnancy with abortion, broken hearts and wounded bodies.

Abortion is an affront to a woman’s and man’s ability to love the child they have conceived together. It is an affront to the dignity of the personhood of the child whose life is taken. It is an affront to the profession that claims to be one of healing and health.

Post-abortion-syndrome is real, resulting in depression and despair after the realization that a couple has ended a child’s life. A whole host of pro-life physicians testify that the intentional killing of an unborn child is never a real treatment for a pregnant woman in a life-threatening condition.

There is a big difference between prescribing treatment for a woman that unintentionally ends the life of the child and the direct, intentional killing of the child as the means of curing the woman’s condition.

As for contraception and the Vatican, again the Alan Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s research arm, has repeatedly reported that women seek abortion due to contraception failure.

Abstinence never fails to prevent pregnancy. Contraception can and does.

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Wrong! If a child left alone in the mothers womb would be born alive any means towards ending that childs life however unknowingly is murder. No child is a monstrosity. Just because some man hurt a women doesn't mean that that woman should kill her child. Abortion is never the right choice no matter what. Ask a women who has born a child, she is that child's mother and she would give her life for it. Is it any less to ask of a women with an unborn child? Bonus this isn't just about the mom. You can't say "Oh the Mom doesn't want a child so it should be aborted." The child feels the pain of death. In some cases long, painful and torturous death. Just because you can't see something does not mean it can't feel. Abortions are murder. From the time that the child is conceived to the time that it is born no one should have a "right" to hurt it.


Re: "No child is a monstrosity"

Some pregnancies involve a highly deformed fetus. Carrying that fetus to term would lead to unimaginable horror. Reality is often horrible: death is, at times, a 'blessed' state. I'm not talking about a fetus with a club foot or a harelip here, I'm talking about something far far worse. Google it if you have the nerve. See the pictures.

You'd think differently if it had happened to you or your loved ones. The pain of death is often less than the pain of life.


Now the Vatican considers contraception to be abortion. They probably think that abstinence is abortion too. Personally, I oppose most actual abortions, but not contraception, which is NOT abortion. Once the brain exists, about three weeks in, then we have an abortion, even if the fetal brain is very small. That's my personal view as an atheist who does not believe in what you Christians call a soul. Use of the so-called abortion pill, RU-486, before that point is ethical, after, then not, most, but not all, of the time.

Mary Turner: Abortion is never the right choice

Even late-term abortions may be the most ethical choice in cases of rape and incest, when the survival of the mother is at stake or when the fetus is severely damaged (a biological monstrosity). So, sometimes abortion is the right choice. No simplistic edict on either side is ethical in all cases. There's no easy out. Both nationally-prominent sides of the abortion debate are ethically wrong.

"The human brain begins forming very early in prenatal life (just three weeks after conception)


You can draw your line where you want, and the Catholic church has drawn it where it wants. We believe life is life.


Biology is biology, too. When you wash your hands, millions of your 'cloneable' cells get washed down the drain, all still alive, all with cloneable DNA. So, to you and the Catholic Church, a trip to the bathroom is abortion.

Glib pronouncements, like "life is life," help you avoid the inconvenience of actually having to think the matter through. Thought is exertion, thought is hard, but thought is better than your glib quick-and-easy proclamations.

Just me

Your logic is so faulty here. You are comparing cells (even if they are living) to an entire living organsim. The cells that are washed down the drain are only part of the whole. They do change who I am. I do not cease to exist if the cells from my hands are washed down the drain or get scraped off.

It is different with a unborn child. The destruction of a fertilized egg is the destruction of the entire person. It has its own DNA. As it develops the cells become more numerous and specialized. Thus the destruction of cells in the first trimester are of much more significance than those in the third trimester.

In addition, cloning a person is a hypothetical manmade invenction (although I believe there have been some that have already tried). No cells that are removed from my hand are going to spontaneous term into a clone of me.


"Just me"... it's quite possible to clone a complete human being from any cell in your body. So, handwashing kills an unborn fetus, according to the Catholic Church's teachings. Haircuts, same deal. Remember "Dolly," the cloned sheep?


The pro-abortion ideology depends almost entirely upon euphemism, obscurantism, and meaningless slogans that are carefully crafted to distract from the central question of the abortion debate: is the unborn child human?

Unfortunately for pro-aborts, the science is abundantly clear: the unborn child is human, and abortion is the brutal killing of that child. Those who wish to deny this, or to justify abortion only have two roads to follow: 1) To obscure the science and pretend it doesn’t exist, which increasingly makes them look silly as more and more people become informed, or; 2) Argue that not all human beings have the right to life, and thus open up Pandora’s box, whereby a certain class of human beings are denied the right to life based upon a set of arbitrary criteria.

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