There has been a series of events surrounding Donald Trump that nobody seems to care about. They include:

  • Trump's hiring of Paul Manafort to lead his presidential campaign, despite Manafort's longstanding ties to the Russian oligarchy.
  • Trump's call for Russia to hack the campaign of his opponent, Hillary Clinton, before the election.
  • Trump's pick of Michael Flynn to head the National Security Agency, even though it has been reported that Flynn lied about his status as a Russian foreign agent.
  • Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey, the man charged with investigating his Trump campaign's ties to Russia. Before he was terminated, reports say, Trump asked for Comey's loyalty.
  • Trump's meeting with high-level Russian officials in the Oval Office, during which, according to reports, Trump inexplicably handed over classified intelligence from our allies to the Russians.

This week it was reported that Trump personally asked Comey to drop the investigation against Flynn. This time, it does matter.

Not only is this a flagrant abuse of presidential influence, it's also an unlawful obstruction of justice when the president asks to end a criminal investigation that may directly involve the president.

There are only two possible explanations here: Either Trump is willingly colluding with the Russia, or he is too incompetent to be trusted with the immense responsibility of the office he holds.

Either situation is untenable. I pray that Republicans will put country above party and stop this madness. Trump must be impeached.

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