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Rose White: Walker shows he will take on unions

2013-08-06T00:30:00Z Rose White: Walker shows he will take on unionsBy Rose White | La Crosse La Crosse Tribune
August 06, 2013 12:30 am  • 

Firefighters and first responders come to save your life when it’s in danger or put out the fire when your house is burning down around you.

First responders came to the aid of my brother-in-law while on vacation in Branson, Mo. When Garry stopped breathing in the ambulance, EMTs rushed him to a local hospital to stabilize him because his life was too fragile to chance transporting him to a heart hospital some distance away.

Two years ago, Gov. Scott Walker limited collective bargaining rights of nearly all other public sector employees, but he exempted critical workers. Now he quips that the world didn’t come to an end for other municipal and county employees.

Walker’s spokesman denies the governor will finish the job he started by going after firefighters and first responders, and Republicans in the Assembly and Senate don’t have the stomach for this, he insists.

You know the drill. The politician says one thing, the spokesperson another.

But Walker’s record speaks loudly enough for anyone to hear. The first thing he did in office was bust up the public-sector unions. He didn’t mince any words when he whispered to a wealthy campaign contributor that he would make Wisconsin a red state, and he would start by going after public-sector unions.

He had no qualms about it, and he didn’t look back. Buyer beware in 2014.

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