If you follow professional wrestling, perhaps you’re familiar with the salsa-dancing wrestler Fandango.

Lisa Kasten isn’t a fan, but she might be after Saturday when she’ll climb into the ring and cut a rug with Fandango for WWE Smackdown Road to WrestleMania at the La Crosse Center.

“I’ve been told that it will be 15 seconds to 20 seconds of salsa dance,” she said. “I’ve been told there are two spots where he dances.”

For a woman who teaches the foxtrot, the waltz and, yes, salsa, at Moonlight Dance Studio, this is the most exciting thing since, well, maybe ever.

“This is my 15 minutes of fame. Or I should say, my 15 seconds of fame. I just received the video of the choreography so I’m going to see if he wants to add a few things in there maybe,” she said. “Maybe we can add a few seconds. I’m really excited. This is a first for me. Wrestling is not my forte, but I have a lot of friends who are going (to the Smackdown).”

And maybe with that 15 to 20 seconds of her finest salsa, Kasten will convert some of those lovers of Smackdown into lovers of dance.

As for Fandango, whose real name is Jonathan “Curt” Hussey, dancing is still pretty new. He debuted a dance routine as part of his schtick just last fall.

“The ballroom dancer gimmick feels ridiculous right away,” says the sports website Bleacher Report, “but if the goofiness of the character comes off as endearing or at least amusing, Fandango has a chance to succeed.”

So the pressure is on for Kasten. She and her studio are taking it in stride.

Kellen Burgos, owner of Moonlight Dance Studio, said he gets calls every week for special events. “But this is one of the most unusual.”

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his real name is not Jonathan it is Curtis his middle name is Jonathan

Comment deleted.

what's it to you? they could be doing much worse things.


What? Pro wrestling is scripted? Shocking!

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