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So, so many are quick to say President Donald Trump made a horrible error in withdrawing from the 2015 Iranian nuclear accord, and some doubts are understandable even as the definitive harrumph is nonsense.

The fact is, Trump kept pushing Iran to exhibit peaceful intent, it did not and we are therefore in a situation where its continuing evil is ever more a real peril even if unseen by those who do not want to see.

Iran has been moving ahead to build nuclear weapons. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demonstrated as much with 100,000 hidden Iranian documents that Israel found. Critics yawn, but some of those showed Iranian determination to roll ahead with its weaponizing ambition, if at a slower pace.

The deal from the start never said hey, stop everything. It just said quit doing as much as you were. It let Iran keep its nuclear infrastructure and keep enriching uranium if not by as much. It said Iran could still shoot off those ballistic missiles, obviously meant to transport nukes someday.

All of these appeasement nods would somehow work out, the Barack Obama team said, because we would build better relations with Iran over time and we’ve got a good inspection regime. According to deal supporters, Iran has majestically lived up to every promise.

False, false and false. Instead of geniality, what we’ve received from Iran is threats to wipe out Israel, the harassment of the U.S. military to the point of taking hostages and a bloody, terroristic presence in the Middle East meant to say Iran would soon be in murderous control. The Iranians have at least a day to prepare for any inspection and inspectors are denied any access at all to particularly suspect military bases that Britain, France and Germany agree should be looked at.

As for compliance with the deal, consider some 32 illicit efforts to get foreign technology that have nuclear weaponry implications, at least as reported by a German intelligence agency.

President Barack Obama said the only alternative to the weak-kneed deal was war, and some Trump critics have said his abandonment of the deal could send Iran scurrying to get its nukes, something that would now take about a year as compared to maybe three months before the deal. The thing is, some of the other six countries involved in this are making billions through trade with Iran, and for that reason and others, want to keep their part of the deal intact.

So does Iran because, instead of taking returned billions and putting them into its economy, it put them into military buildup and support of terrorism. The economy is collapsing, strikes are happening, outright rebellion could be in the offing and the regime could be in peril without that trade. Because of a return of U.S. financial sanctions, none of this will be nearly as profitable on either side as before, however, and Iran may just finally decide that it had better heed some of what Trump wants

Consider that the Obama deal was comparable to President Bill Clinton’s nuke deal with North Korea – all talk, little action – and then consider how Trump’s tough stance is just maybe working with North Korea. Ponder how North Koreans recently released three American prisoners as a prelude to talks while the Iranians released no American prisoners until Obama provided a ransom that he and confused supporters said was not a ransom.

Some good has come out of the Iranian deal, such as Iran sending Russia much of its super-enriched uranium while getting all kinds of natural uranium back, but it was Obama who facilitated the U.S. departure. Contrary to the Constitution which he promised to “preserve, protect and defend,” he did not get a required treaty that the Senate would have to ratify, but a deal Trump could easily break.

But just maybe improve, too.

Jay Ambrose is an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service. Readers may email him at


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Snow Cougar Mary Burke

It was never about worldwide safety and security.

It was never about Nuclear disarmament.

It was about opening a new untapped market.

It was about securing a black site.

The ‘Exchange’.


Risk the welfare of the world.



Organized/planned by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Carried out by Obama.

[remember HRC ran against Obama]

U1 [donations to Clinton Foundation].

$1.7b in-cash transfer to Iran [4 routes][5 planes].

Did the total withdrawal actually depart EU?

Why EU?

Define bribe.

Define kickback.

Special Interest Groups (SIG).

What US/EU Company’s immediately closed large deals in Iran post deal?

Cross check these Company’s against political + foundation payments, what do you see?

Define bribe.

Define kickback.

Why are people panicking about Iran deal pullout?

Nuke inspectors quit days after Iran deal withdrawal, coincidence? Corruption is everywhere.

Iran now threatening to name names of politicians in the west who took bribes to get the deal done.

28,937 sealed indictments since end of October 2017, an average in a year is only 1,000. Coincidence? SOURCE:PACER.GOV

Guantanamo Bay just expanded to hold 13,000 prisoners.

Red wave this fall election.





Such paranoid rambling deserves getting no attention other than from mental health providers, so I will not comment any more than this to Snow's latest insane theorizing.


Ahem. Jay Ambrose, the absolute worst professional columnist printed in this newspaper tells us that the Iranians were not holding up their end of the agreement, but all parties to the agreement have repeatedly -- after repeated monitoring visits to Iran -- said Iran is in compliance. Who do we believe? Well, I would tend to believe those who have the best information, and Mr. Ambrose isn't very clear here what his information is and where it came from. I'll go with the international inspectors on this.

And Mr. Ambrose tells us, "So does Iran because, instead of taking returned billions and putting them into its economy, it put them into military buildup and support of terrorism. The economy is collapsing, strikes are happening, outright rebellion could be in the offing and the regime could be in peril without that trade." Ahem. This all was happening in Iran BEFORE Trump pulled us out of the deal. That sort of instability could only work in our favor, but now Trump has given the extremists a new anti-American rallying point to bring the growing moderate factions back into the extremist camp. Thanks Donald. You may want a Middle East war, but even your evangelical Christian right-wing base does not.

Rick Czeczok

Give it up old man, no one is reading your obstructionist viewpoint anymore. Your "GANG" has been exposed... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you are now a joke. Nowwrite all you want to rebutt because I don't ever come back to read your same old garbage over and over. Still getting a free paper, how about you?


It is such a relief to know that you don't read my posts, Rick. I will feel far more free to write about you as I please from now on. I am crushed to discover that our gang has been exposed by you and that we have now become a joke that sets you into insane peals of laughter. We are going to our weekly meeting tomorrow night at a place downtown whose location I refuse to reveal. It will allow the gang to try to plan a comeback.

Snow Cougar Mary Burke

Its okay Rick. Ignore him. He has no clue what is really going on in the world.

Do pay attention to what is happening in the southern district of New York. Corrupt AG has resigned. Mueller/ Giuliani/Sessions are about to get busy with Wieners laptop "insurance files" on Hillary. A big beautiful Red Wave is coming this fall. All oldhomey and his useful idiots can do is deny and distract.

2018 is going to be glorious!



You just go on believing what you want to believe, Snowflake. We know you are too far gone to have any useful discussion with you, anyway.


wow rick the rossian bot with snow job the Koch brothers troll. What a nice couple they make. One is crazier than the other.

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