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Jim Naugler

Top voter concerns are the economy and health care. But number one in survey after survey is waiting in grocery lines.

Americans spend billions of hours each year waiting in line. Some waits are so long, shoppers disappear in long lines only to reappear on the side of milk cartons.

One counterintuitive strategy for picking the fastest line in the supermarket is to follow a full cart. Shoppers average 41 seconds to say hello, pay, say goodbye and clear the lane. One person with 100 items will take 6 minutes to process. Four people with 20 items will take 7 minutes.

Other techniques: Look for cashiers who don’t chat. Study cart contents. Fruits and veggies cannot be scanned. Behind a geezer? Congratulations, you chose the wrong line.

Remember, waiting is really psychological. Waiting causes stress, boredom and a feeling life is wasting away. The solution is distraction. Behold, the tabloid library at the check-out counter with lurid pictures and bold headlines:

“Mother of three disappears after starving space aliens mistake her for a Big Mac.”

“Angelina and Brad’s marriage blows up. Barkley, the family rescue dog, begs to be rescued.”

“Shopper takes pacifier to grocery but smart phone battery explodes.”


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Buggs should teach : Line Dancing at the Senior Center.
God knows he"s older than dirt and whacko to boot.
He could pick up a "hotty", there,
and bring her home for dinner.


I see buggs wrote another letter to the tribune, a newspaper he often bad mouths and tries to discredit, yet he uses their format to push his craziness. His letter is all about whining and crying about late night shows and celebrities bad mouthing his dear leader. He doesn't like the liberals using their first amendment rights, a true sign of a fascists. He always brings up Hillary as if she matters any more to anyone, obviously she does to buggs. I have a novel Idea buggs, if you don't like those shows that don't speak well of number 45, then don't watch them. I sure wish those celebrities that promised to leave the country if Billy Clinton or Obama was elected would do just that.


Or, self checkout...

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