While it seems people are putting forth their efforts to try and promote suicide awareness, it is not enough. There are different ways that we as a community can help take action and promote awareness in much more powerful ways.

In Wisconsin alone, many young people die because of committing suicide every year. The La Crosse Area Suicide Prevention Initiative works hard to promote suicide awareness in La Crosse with information at different city events. We need to create events that can be primarily for people who suffer from depression so they are able to be active in the community, giving them the feeling of purpose. They will be able to support each other and discover healing in different ways. Seeing as though they are the only ones who truly understand their struggle, they will be able to lean on others who are going through the same thing.

Creating these events, while spreading awareness about the issue, can be much more effective in helping these individuals. It is our job to encourage people who suffer from depression to become active in our community and to get help; every victim is somebody’s friend and family. Contact Geri Mulliner at (608) 775-3689 or via email, GLMullin@gundersenhealth.org for more information on how you can help with SPI. If you had the chance to help save somebody’s life, wouldn’t you take it?

Abby Hoskins, La Crosse